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It took three trips but...

I got my dress today!!! Its gorgeous!  I really love it, and its perfect for our garden wedding.  My mom was in town, and she and I went to three dress shops the first day, and then we went back to David's Bridal the second day with a friend of mine who was REALLY the wrong person to take.  I'm very much a process thinker (unless I don't like something about the dress, then I've made up my mind and that is that) and she just kept talking and talking when I'm trying to look and just feel.  So anyways, my mom and I went back to David's today and asked to be stuck in a quiet corner so I could just think and absorb and I really do love my dress.  It was a bit more then we wanted to pay, but my mom is very happy that I'm happy and she loves the dress too. 

I just want to say to any other ladies out there who might be getting discouraged during dress shopping to just hang in there.  After the second day, I wish my FI could have come with me (but we both want that moment when he sees the dress for the first time when I'm coming down the isle) because he understands me and lets me just think.  But thankfully so does my mom, so that is why just her and I went and just quietly mulled and we talked about it, and it was the right decision.  So all is well, and now I have photographer, DJ, and cake to nail down, and my FI needs to go suit shopping!  Things are coming along quite nicely! :D


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