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New York-Long Island

Help!!!!!!!!!!! Wedding Picture Drama!!! :)

My fiance and I are getting married on our 10- year anniversary... We have two beautiful daughters so we are obviously non traditional. We want to do a reveal and pictures at a separate location than our venue- Our Ceremony, Cocktail and Reception is all at the same place. Our Venue is Beautiful don't get me wrong but I am a crazy picture person and feel like I would like to have pictures and do the reveal some where other than the venue. Problem as is with most wedding's is time, and travel time. Our Wedding is July 2014 it's a Sunday evening which is good we have plenty of time to do pictures before but the issue is finding somewhere to take pictures. The ceremony is at 6:30 pm but we have to be at the venue by 4:45pm for photos there as well... Yes i'm crazy I want thousands of pictures!!!
We live in Suffolk county- We're around exit 53 on the LIE and the venue is at Exit 60 On the LIE- I was hoping to find some where between there or maybe an exit past either exit... 

Any idea's? Suggestions? I'm at a loss- 

My dream would to be on the sand by the beach but from research it's kind of expensive and the only beach near for it would be sunken meadow- and If they have another wedding going on that day at the Pavilion- I'm not sure if we'd be able to have our photos done there. But I am also open to ideas and places...
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