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Welcome pkgs? Yay or nay?

Just wondering peoples opinions: 

I was just informed I was "classless" by MIL for not wanting to do welcome/care packages. I mean I really don't think she thought it threw like I did. The logistics alone would be a nightmare. With everything we are already bringing down from canada, this is not one thing I want to worry about or even have to deal with and put together... Bah!  

So who is doing it and who is not? If so, why?
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Re: Welcome pkgs? Yay or nay?

  • I was completely set on doing these, until I thought about logistics and shipping, and taking the time to put them together once I got to vegas. Then I was like no way! It's way to much added stress
  • My thoughts exactly. Its one thing I don't need more stress added too. If we were within driving distance (well we are) and had been driving, it would be a different story.
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  • We are doing them. We are having a welcome party though so that makes getting them to our guests much easier.
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  • Im with Pinky. We will be handing ours out at the meet n greet.

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  • What are ya'll putting in the welcome bags?  I am not sure if I want to do welcome bags or favors.  We are only having about 15 people but it seems like it would be a pain for everyone to have to deal with extra stuff to travel with.
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  • I am getting little bottles and filling them with sand and putting my "weekend programs" date and times of places we will be if peeps want to come hang out. Thats it for welcome bags. For favors we are going to give a donation to the humane society and have little cards printed up. Ive never been one for favors
  • I don't think you are classless! I am not doing welcome bags. All of our guests are staying at various hotels on the Strip and not all of them are coming to our meet and greet so I think the logistics are a nightmare too. We have some pretty cool favours for our wedding.
  • All my guests were coming from the UK, I was the last to arrive, half of my guests had been to Vegas before and we all stayed at different hotels. I didn't feel there was a need for them or favours.
  • I might do them. I really want to but depending on where our guests plan on staying. Still not sure.
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  • We're thinking about passing something out at our Meet and Greet, but we would get the majority of things once we're in Vegas.

    Items I'm thinking about including:
    1. Bottles of water! These are so expensive/hard to get without a car.
    2. A compact but sturdy bag - for putting in dirty laundry and/or hauling random things around during the day/at the pool.
    3. A business card with important numbers and times/places for the weekend.
    4. A map for getting around Caesars Palace for our ceremony/reception and a general map of Vegas
    5. Sunscreen - another item that's really expensive at hotel shops but we can pick up for cheap in our car.

    So it would be more of a "Vegas Survival Kit" than a bag of favors that people have to haul back with them.
  • I'm a Canadian bride too - was thinking on just putting a bottle of wine in each guest's room. My wedding isn't until October 2014, so that could change depending on the number of people that decide to come & where they choose to stay! We will be renting a car so could easily drive to the liquor store, pick up what we need, and deliver it to the rooms with a welcome card. 

  • For my fellow Canadians.. Do any of you know if a marriage license is required from our province in addition to the state of Nevada? 
  • The Vegas marriage license is recognized in Alberta. I am not too sure if other provinces are different.
  • Yeah, our meet and greet will be the night before the wedding... Not everyone is staying at Aria with us, Some have booked at MGM signature, Monte Carlo and Vdara. 

    I read that it is recognized in all of canada. They have an agreement between the countries to recognize each others marriage licenses except when its not legal in both countries - Multiple wives, same sex and there was another one - maybe non citizens or something about "biological female/male"... 

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  • Awesome! Thanks :)
  • I had really wanted to do welcome bags when we first started planning.  But, now I'm leaning towards not.  We've been to 3 weddings this year and all have done welcome bags.  They are cute touch, but we ended up not using/eating everything in them.  It takes and time money to put them together and I just don't think it's worth it knowing that not everything will get used.  

    Also, as an FYI, we contacted the Mirage where we are staying and they won't hand them out at check in.  The bell desk will deliver them to the room at a charge of $3.50 per bag.  I'm sure other MGM hotels have a similar policy.
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  • Ktbabe530 who did you contact? I want to find out from flamingo if they also charge. Did you just call the main # for reservations?
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  • I REALLY wanted to do welcome kits, I had everything planned out for them. After putting more thought into the logistics of handing them out, getting everything down there etc I decided against it. Way too much trouble for what its worth. Not everyone is staying in the same hotel or arriving on the same day so it would be way too much of a hassle to hand them out. And I don't want to spend a day worrying about getting people a welcome bag that they may or may not really want anyways.

    I will be creating a welcome/thank you letter and itinerary that I will be sending people 2-3 weeks prior to the trip. And I'll be giving out our favours at the reception.


  • Good to hear what others' thoughts are on these, as well, as we're on the fence right now.

    We're planning a smaller wedding with about 60 guests and are anticipating maybe 35-40 guest rooms for welcome bags if we did them. I'd pictured including bottled water, snacks (protein bars, mixed nuts, pretzels), chocolates, and maybe some small personal items like ibuprofen, Shout wipes, and hand sanitizer, plus a local map and a card with details for guests on where to go.

    I too had been concerned about the logistics -- it would be super expensive to ship ahead of time and have bags maintain their shape. I imagine the bags and items would run maybe $20 each and shipping would be about that per bag. However, the last thing I'll want to do when getting into town for my wedding is run around to Costco or CVS and stuff bags.

    I've had my heart set on having miniature champagne bottles as the table assignment cards/gift, but am not sure if the venue we're interested in would allow that. If not, I might just go with two mini champagne bottles with a thank you card for each room and have the champagne vendor ship directly to the hotel.



    I've enjoyed receiving bags as a guest

  • Sorry, end of that posted before I was done!


    I've enjoyed receiving bags in rooms as a guest, and do feel it would be a nice touch since everyone will be from out of town and it'd be nice to have something awaiting you when you arrived!

  • @valeriecruz82, I asked our contact when we set up the room block.  If you aren't doing a room block, I would say give the bell desk a call.
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • I certainly do not think that not incorporating welcome bags make anyone classless.  We all have budgets.  That said, I am doing them for the girls that come for meet and greet (Thursday, wedding on Saturday).  I have koozies, vegas pens, my favorite travel body wash, I will put the koozie on a bottle of water, and tie a hangover kit to it.  The hangover kit will have a hair tie, tylenol, and mint inside.
  • Thanks ktbabe530 that's actually who I emailed after I read this post!
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  • people crack me up with their opinions. To say someone is classless for not doing a welcome bag... silly. Are you coming to the wedding just to get a welcome bag?!

    Anyway, I'm doing a welcome bag of sorts. It's really just my favors with a couple extras thrown in & I'm doing them as "welcome bags" so that if people want to go out after the reception, they aren't stuck carrying around our wedding favors. Plus, I'm a 5 hour drive from Vegas. And while we are flying, many of our guests are driving & have offered to drive up any supplies we need. So I can put everything together beforehand.

    Our bags will include a bottle of water (with our personal labels on them), a little bag of our kisses that have our stickers on them, a little "care pack" of travel packets of tylenol, pepto, & a little pack of kleenex, and some other salty snack that I haven't though of yet.
  • Well after contacting flamingo, they too charge a 3.00 fee per bag so no bags for me unless we decide on a meet and greet the day before
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  • Yeah people are nuts, this one is getting on my nerves a lot lately! Yeah you are lucky to have the car option!

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