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Newbie here on a budget!

Hey ladies! I'm new to all of this and getting overwhelmed! Just got engaged and the only decision that we have made is Vegas. Looking at beginning of Nov 2014, but we have a very low budget. Trying to do this for around $4000, not including flights, hotel, dress... We would like a ceremony and a 2 or 3 hour reception with hors d'oeuvres and a bar for around 50 people. Any suggestions? Any experience with Always & Forever Weddings? I appreciate all the help that I can get, thanks!!

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  • The Grove is off the strip a little ways, but they have packages for $3100 for 45 people including the reception and bar. Hope this helps!

  • I would say check out
  • Welcome to the board. Check the website above and try not to get sucked into things you dont need. Stick with what you want and remember you got time on your side to wait for sales
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    Its possible with a low budget. Our ceremony is at 1500 even with flower upgrades and all the bouquets plus our photography for our strip tour is 400 and transportation is about 300 and our in suite reception is being done with food and cake from albertsons and Walmart you just gotta shop around :)
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  • Ditto looking at vegasgroom's website. I'm reading that 4k is for ceremony and reception but not flights, dress, hotel. I think that's more than doable for 50 people with an off strip, in suite, casino buffet, or mid-range restaurant reception. Lots of options!
  • We are trying to do it with $5k and 50 people. Wedding booked through Chapel of the Flowers- with the flower upgrades, cake and delivery, wedding dress rental, and upgraded photography package through them. Dinner at Stripburger. There are other option for dinner though! We almost booked at La Salsa Cantina- they are about $20n per person, and a lot of food. Good luck! And congratulations :)
  • We are looking at  just under$5000 for 40 people, after taxes and tips and included dress and tux. We are having our ceremony at Aria, I am in love with the chapel!  We aren't doing a traditional reception, though.  We wanted to do something "vegasy" so we are eating dinner at wicked spoon and getting the wine package.  Then we are having a party bus pick us up and drop us off down at fremont then having the DDB pick us up and party on the strip.  I think you just have to decide what is important to you and what you can live with out.  FLowers, centerpieces, photography and hair and make up are things we are doing without or having family take care of.
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