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Varsity Theater?

Did anyone have their reception their recently and can direct me to some photos.  My cousin is touring there in a few weeks, but she lives out of state and is desperate for more pics between now and then.  Maybe your photographer has a blog? 


Re: Varsity Theater?

  • I know you can look it up online pretty easily. Just Google Varsity Theater Wedding. Otherwise, email Jamie at Varsity. She'll send you some links to pictures! It's awesome!!!
  • I don't know that I have any pics on my current computer from the wedding I attended there, but it's a great venue for a wedding.  It's really unique and has a great layout with tons of open space for dancing and mingling.  The wedding I attended had a buffet style dinner that was a eat/socialize set up and that worked really well in that space.  Beware though, the bathrooms are upstairs and there is no elevator. 
  • There is an elevator but it is used for disabilities only. A friend of mine had their wedding there in 2011 and it was beautiful. I am sorry I do not have the rights/allowance to share photos.
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