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MOH question

I have two really important special friends in which I wanted to incorporate into our wedding party. They are both equally important to me so since one had never been married I named her Maid of Honor, and the one that was became my Matron of Honor. Well during our engagement and planning time frame, my Matron of Honor is now in the process of divorce and therefor will not be married (most likely) when FI and I get married. So I know traditionally you already only have one or the other, but as I stated they are both equally important to me and I would love for both of them to have a title of honor and share in any duties. Advice?

Re: MOH question

  • I have seen co-maids of honor before. That would be my suggestion, although only one of them can truly have the real place of honor standing beside you at the ceremony.
  • I had Co-MOH's. One stood next to me during the ceremony, and one was 'announced' in with the best man during introductions. They were also both stated as MOH's in the program. It worked out nicely for us.
  • Both of my sisters are my matrons of honor. They are both married and both my best friends so I chose to do both.
  • I don't see anything wrong with having two MOH's. If they're both important to you then you should have them both. Plusalso, you can't exactly say, "Hey, now that you're getting a divorce, I'm taking you off of MOH duty." I mean you could, but I'm sure that would be heart wrenching for her and completely unjustified. My vote is to keep both. I assure you, no one will think anything of it.
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