Love Everlasting Bridal Registry 'Free trips"

Has anyone else gotten a call from them and actually WENT to one of these events??  If you get a call from them then you were selected to come to the couples event to watch them cook and then you will receive a 3 day, 2 night all inclusive vacation. All you have to do is go to a hotel event and stay for the entire presentation then you leave with your gift.

I've researched online and I have only seen people talking about how they think it's a scam. HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY GONE TO ONE AND CAN TELL ME WHAT IT REALLY CONSISTS OF? Is it actually a scam? Are there catches to it?

I have to be there in 4 hours and I'd like to know before I waste gas/time to go. If it's a scam, then oh well because it's still gonna be an expensive trip even if it was free because you still have to pay your airfare.
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