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Gifts - wrong idea?

I am starting to get together gift ideas for my 5 bridesmaids.  My mother and their mothers all love idea, but I am hoping for an outside opinion, just in case they are just agreeing with me to agree.

 I have been friends with all of them since high school (one is my soon to be sister-in-law).  I have pictures dating all the way back to all those years.  I was thinking of custom made blankets.  For my maid of honor  and other friend, they are cousins, I am stealthing it with their mothers to get a nicer picture of the three of us together to make into a custom blanket for each and getting it framed for their mothers.  For the other three I am using other pictures of us together from high school. 

 Thoughts on this one? For one girl I have two pictures I can't decide on, one is of just the two of us the day of prom at our teachers house holding lambs out in the field, its adorable, and the other is from the FFA National Convention but it is of our entire group plus our teacher posed together just after we all walked off stage from receiving our American Degrees, an amazing/exciting achievement for us.  I'm leaning toward the group photo for the blanket and doing something else with the other one for her birthday. 

So since the blankets are all the same general idea, along with the blanket I plan to get something else to go with the blanket.  For example I competed in FFA events with one girl so I plan to get something from the FFA official store for her. For my maid of honor she loves oddly shaped glasses so I found a custom glass maker to make her a custom hurricane glass and if I can get the picture off her phone getting it etched with her parrots face.  For soon-to-be-sister something art related, I'm just on sure what yet (she is an art major).  For the cousin, pajama pants and something Sims3 related. For my other friend something from my cousin that makes reliquary items.

So is all that appropriate?  None of the gifts are wedding related but even though all the blankets are similar I am adding another smaller gift.  Unless someone has an idea for a picture related gift that is not blanket.

(For the wedding I bought us all matching wristlets that I am going to fill with emergency kit items and I am paying for their hotel rooms, I am going to give them the wristlet before their actual gifts so its not associated with the gifts).

 Thank You 

Re: Gifts - wrong idea?

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    I think those would be awesome presents! They really show that you're thinking about your BMs as people, not props in your wedding.
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    I think your putting a lot of thought into the presents.  However, I don't think that I would have a use for the throw blanket. It would be something I love, but not use and feel bad getting rid of because it has our picture on it.  I think a better idea would be giving them framed pictures of these prints instead of the blanket.  And then I would continue with your other gift ideas.  I think the "old" photos are a great idea!  I'm just not sure about the blanket part of them.
  • I love blankets. I have like 5 or 6 in my living room and use them all the time. They are great. But honestly, I would feel weird about having a blanket with my picture on it. And not everyone is as into blankets as I apparently am. I agree with the PP that framed picture would probably be better than the blankets. 

    The other gifts sound fantastic, though! 
  • I'm another fan of blankets, not so much with a picture of me--however I would not be upset if I got one (and it could actually look better in person rather than what I am picturing).  You know your friends so if you think its something they would enjoy then yes I think its a great gift. And really I would still be happy if that was given to me since it would be something I could use. 

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