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How are you all travelling to Las Vegas? Did you book through a travel agent or website? Book your flight and hotel separately or together? I'm trying to figure out the best way to go... right now it seems like booking on Expedia, etc. would be best. Any input?? 

Also.. Does anyone have a website for Vegas themed favors that ship to Canada without crazy shipping costs? I'm looking for poker chip magnets and playing cards!

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  • So we booked our flights through air miles and booked our rooms directly with the hotel. We received several nights included with our chapel package and our reception packages so it was just easier that way. For our guests, you can call Westjet and arrange for a 10% discount the seven days prior and following your wedding date. The majority of our guests have booked their flights and hotel through Expedia.

    For the wedding favours, I ordered a lot off of Etsy and had no problems shipping to Canada. I also did an order off of the Knot but they do not ship to Canada. I had to ship it to a relative in the States and then they shipped it to me. Check with the wedding coordinator at your venue. I had a package shipped to mine and they didn't have a problem with it. Good luck with your planning!
  • We booked through expedia because they had a suite sale.

    But we set up a Wedding code with westjet for 10% off and a block of rooms which is also a discounted rate for our guests. :)
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  • We booked ourselves through an agent, and suggested that our guests book through her as well. Unfortunately we had some issues with our agent and ended up getting a new one part way through planning. Most of our guests chose to book online. As for favors we ordered personalized magnetic poker chips online through We ordered 50 and with shipping to Canada I think it came to about $73. It took probably 3 weeks after I ordered to receive them, and I'm in far away Newfoundland...:)
  • Thanks for the info Ladies! I was thinking booking a flight+hotel deal through Expedia may be the best for our guests.  We are neighbours @steffandshanny! I'm from Cape Breton! Nice to see some other Canadians on here, especially so close to me :) 
  • We booked ourflignt n hotel seperate..... we are a boarder town (winnipeg) so we are flying out of Grand Forks, with Alligiant, n . As for getting things shipped to canada we have a american box so we get everything shipped there! When is everyone getting marriex?
  • I'm 13days away!! We leave October 8 and get married on the 12th. Right now I'm focusing on making sure I can fit everything I need in the suitcases. Lol.
  • We are the exact same! Our wedding is at Caesars. Here are you getting married? I am so worried about forgetting something!
  • October 8th 2014!! That is so exciting @steffandshanny. I feel like I will be the same way - extra baggage will be needed for sure! 
  • Yay Canada!!

    We booked through (hotel + flight) and travelling through Toronto Pearson.

    I was also looking for chip magnets and found them at They are located in Ontario so shipping isn' insanely priced! I haven't order them yet but will be getting 50 chips for a $1 each (the more you buy the more you save). I'm just outside of Toronto and I think shipping will be about $7. They have a few other Vegasy things and tons of other more general wedding favours.


  • @j9lawrence - we're getting married at chapel of the flowers and then doing dinner at Canaletto in the Venetian. So exciting!!!!
  • @steffandshanny have you been married yet?  I was considering the Chapel of Flowers but prices seemed to keep escalating every time I talked to them.  Still a really  nice venue...would love to hear your input!
  • Hello Canadians! 
    I'm a Nova Scotia Vegas bride... not booked yet but either Oct. or Nov 2014 at Caesar's and Maggiano's. Nice to see some neighbours on here :)
  • Has anyone of you ladies shipped your dress to vegas, ahead of time?im from winnipeg by the way!
  • I am going to fly with mine. We will get our stuffed picked up and steamed a couple days before the wedding.
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  • We're in the GTA area as well. just west of downtown Toronto in ssauga. March 26, 2014 at aria for ceremony, bacchanal buffet (caesars) for reception!
    We'll be booking our flights using our aeroplan points.. I really should be looking into that soon..
    So we'll probably book our hotel+car package through expedia or similar sites. although I've got a block of rooms setup at aria already.
    for the dress I haven't got it figured it out yet. the skirt is tulle so it doesn't wrinkle terribly.. my plan for now is to stuff it into a carryon bag/luggage.. and have it steamed there if needed
    shipping rate are too insane. i can't justify to do that..

    Our wedding day also marks our 11th anniversary of being together :)
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  • I used to live in Mississauga! Got nothing to add to this thread but I did my first year of uni (college) at York Mississauga was where I lived waiting for school to start then I moved into Toronto. Great memories of my gap year in Canada :-)

    Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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  • I flew with my dress. If you are flying with West Jet they don't have a closet to hang your dress in however the flight attendants were super helpful and we just placed it in the overhead bin. It got a little bit wrinkled but I was having it steamed before the wedding so I wasn't too concerned about the wrinkles. Fit for a Bride does have an option to ship it directly to them to have it steamed and they were amazing to work with.
  • Im flying alligiant so im thinking of having it shipped.... but worried of the cost of shipping.....
  • I haven't booked any flights yet, or even bought my dress (should do that soon) but I think I will probably bring it with me! I'll make arrangements for it to be steamed if need be down there! Another bride mentioned she bought a dress bag and just rolled it up inside a carry on suitcase! Sounds a lot easier than carrying it around an airport! 

  • Hi Ladies - I'm an old married lady! :) Just celebrated my first year on September 29th - still stalk these boards a little bit

    Some input from my end - we flew out of Toronto on WestJet and I took the dress on, i had a bit of a heart attack as the stewardess just shoved it in the overhead bin but all was fine, was really panic over nothing :) If you can, I would recommend the bag and putting it in a suitcase - way easier.

    We booked our flights direct through westjet when they had a sale, tried to keep the guests updated. And we were all staying at the Flamingo - we booked through total rewards when they had a sale as well. A few people waited and regretted it as prices increased substantially when the iHeart festival was booked for the week before - but you all you can do is share the info with them.

    We actually just booked flights for a vegas trip in June 2014 using our aeroplan points out of buffalo (we live in Hamilton) and the total for both was $59!!! And I think there is a some good pricing right now through expedia for Aria

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  • Im flying alligiant so im thinking of having it shipped.... but worried of the cost of shipping.....
  • Hey Ladies and gentlemen!
    We were married Saturday past, October 12, at Chapel of the FLowers. I'm
    in the process of doing up reviews for everything, but I figured I'd share
    my west jet experience here :)

    Westjet - B-
    Westjet is Westjet. The flights were on time which was great. We flew
    from St. John's, Newfoundland to Toronto, and then Toronto to Vegas. My
     main issue with them was in terms of travelling with my dress. After I
    checked in online I called and let them know I was travelling with my
    dress. The agent I spoke with told me she would put a note on my file
    and told me to tell the people at the airport desk when I got there
    because they could maybe store it in a closet for me. So while we were
     at the gate awaiting to board I told the girl there about my dress.
    She told me that there was no room in a closet for it. When I got on
    the plane I spoke with the flight attendant and she told me to wait
    until everyone else got on the plane and put their carry-ons away and
     then put the dress on top of that in the overhead compartment. At no
     point did anyone offer to help me stow the dress or offer solutions.
     It was the same on both flights which had different crews. It was very
     disappointing, especially because Westjet is the Canadian airline that
     touts itself as having great customer service. There's not many airline
     options for us, but I was hoping the crew would be a little more helpful
    and accommodating. When I got on the plane going to Vegas the flight
     attendant told me to wait until everyone else had their luggage
    stowed and suggested I sit in the seat with my dress bag on my lap.
    The seats aren't huge so FI and I had to squash in the seats and be
    smothered by the dress bag. Not cool. I would fly Westjet again, I
    just caution everyone travelling with their dress as crew were less
     than helpful. On the way home we flew United Airlines and in terms of the
    dress they were much more helpful.
  • Wow tozombie! That is a sweet deal out of buffalo, my sister n family r flying out of buffalo in feb n r paying 425 each!
  • Wow ! Lots of Canadians on here :) We are getting married at Caesar's Palace in the Juno Garden September 6th, 2014 :) We will be flying from Prince Edward Island to Las Vegas. Hoping to use aeroplan. Does anyone have experience with Air Canada and travelling with your wedding dress on their airline? I think I've read that they do have a closet you can hang your dress in....
  • well remember it also costs us the points :) But out of pocket only $30 each - can't go wrong with that! Here's a little hint as well, for any Canadian brides using points. Check different flights as those with Air Canada on a leg tend to be more expensive, and if you're close to a border then definitely check availability there. For the same time, on flights with longer layovers, i think out of Toronto it was going to cost us $270 for the two flights which is still not bad (that's the fees and taxes after using 50,000 points) and someone recommended I check out of Buffalo which hadn't occurred to me when looking at using points. very glad we did - the long term parking is cheaper there too :)

    cmtrewin - not 100% sure, but I feel like they do. I think Westjet is the only one that I remember consistently saying they didn't. 

    Another thing about aeroplan - my brother waited way too long to book his flights using his points and by the time he did, he ended up with the absolute worst travel - I think 2-3 connections and long layovers etc. 

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  • Hey guys i just noticed the post re: Canadian brides!  I will be flying out of Fargo ND, but iam from Winnipeg, MB......Iam flying Allegiant and iam nervous they wont be very accomodating with the dress, has anyone asked them or had an experience with Allegiant?
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  • Daisyygurl im from wpg to n fly outta GF with Alligiant and was wondering the samething, when do you fly....I might call them today and see what they say.....are you on fb?
  • Never mind just saw your ticker, im before you and if I fly with my dress I will let u know how much was your flights there?
  • HI connor1975,  did you end up calling them?  Yes please let me know how it goes!   Our flights were under 800.00  I remember when it use to be cheaper!  lol  oh well not bad compared with leaving from Canada!  how much were yours?  when are you going to Vegas?
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