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Need a lot of centerpieces!

I'm looking for centerpiece ideas. The problem is, we're going to need about 30-40 of them. (Hugeeee wedding). Colors are black and white, so any color will work. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas that we can duplicate enough times, and not cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!!

Re: Need a lot of centerpieces!

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    We did wine bottle centerpieces (we needed 49 because we are putting 3 on each table and 4 for the head table). We took the labels off and spray painted them red, went to Ikea and got these black wooden flowers and twisted wooden sticks to put in them - they actually look pretty good! Our colours are black and red.

    However - it took awhile to collect all of the wine bottles (we started collecting them a couple months after we got engaged, so for just less than a year we were slowly collecting them). Our friends & family helped us out a lot too - they gave us a lot of the bottles!

    Other things I've seen are vases from the dollar store with those beads that you put in water, submerged flowers in vases, even goldfish in cool bowls for centerpieces! What kind of style are you going for?

    Have you tried Google-ing some types of centerpieces?

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    Why not have 2 different centerpieces and alternate them at the venue to break things up a bit?
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    I just helped set up the most beautiful reception hall. They had 3 foot tall vases with twigs, flowers, and limes on the center tables and as the tables went out in a circle the vase/ twigs center pieces became smaller for a step up effect. The vases came from a dollar store and hobby lobby. You can find twigs in almost any backyard. It was absolutely breathtaking. Really cheap, and made a big statement.
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    I have tried google-ing ideas. It seems almost everything coming up has to do with flowers. And while real or fake, I think they will get costly. But I did see that goldfish idea and saved that idea!
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    MegNRon said:
    I have tried google-ing ideas. It seems almost everything coming up has to do with flowers. And while real or fake, I think they will get costly. But I did see that goldfish idea and saved that idea!
    What do you plan on doing with 30-40 goldfish after the wedding?! Remember, they are living animals, they can't just be thrown out like flowers. Also, the noise and lights can kill them, so let alone the cruelty factor, do you want dead goldfish floating whilst your guests eat? I really advise against using any live animal as a prop!
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    @MegNRon Please tell me you are joking about the goldfish idea.  Please oh please oh please!

    I think for that number of tables you could do 3-4 different types of centerpieces.  You could mix very simple candle centerpieces in with more elaborate floral centerpieces.

    What overall feel are you going for, for your wedding?  Do you have any sort of theme (even though I hate themes)?  When is your wedding?

    Some ideas...
    Fruit (depending on your color scheme...limes, lemons, oranges, apples, cranberries)
    Pine cones
    Lanterns (Ikea has a good amount at pretty cheap prices)
    Wine bottles
    Books with decorative book ends

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    -If you are into DIY you could make paper flowers
    -Black and/or white feathers in vases from The Dollar Tree
    -Varied sizes of candles from The Dollar Tree
    -More affordable flowers, i.e. white hydrangeas (a lot of flower per stem) or carnations
    -Vases from The Dollar Tree filled with things, i.e. pine cones or fruit 
    -Potted plants

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    Varied sizes of cylindrical glass vases, clustered together with pillar candles in each, close together so they are touching, then wrap wide ribbon, lace, or something similar around the grouping of vases to make them appear as it's one large piece.
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    We made paper roses out of the pages of books. 2 flowers per vase, we added some glitter for a pop of color. They will sit on squares of mesh ribbon with some pumpkins and candles.

    3 books from the thrift store $1.50
    bamboo skewers from the dollar store $1
    vases from the thrift store .30/piece (though I'm sure they came from the dollar store) $30 max
    Glitter and adhesive spray (from hobby lobby) $8 (which I bet we could have gotten cheaper with a coupon, but almost everything we bought that day except the adhesive spray was 50% off)
    Glue- No more than $2.50 (I think what we used was from the dollar store, and I've used it a million other places)
    Mesh ribbon rolls from hobby lobby $10 (for 25 tables, you might need an additional roll)
    Total: $53
    Labor- I think we spent maybe 20 hours max over a period of 3 months. We made a few here and there, I glittered them all in about 2 hours.

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    Haha this OT but I one of my ex-boyfriends last names was Fisher and I'd always said I would do goldfish centerpieces if we got married. Thank God that didn't work out ...
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    To the OP: We're doing about 25 centerpieces pretty cheap. I'm using vases, gold ting ting and antique baby's breath, all from hoppy lobby. Everything at hobby lobby goes half off every other week, so I just waited until those things went half price. 

    We're filling the bottom of the vase with coffee beans, then putting the ting ting and baby's breath in. It's really pretty. You could use black or silver ting ting.
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    edited October 2013
    Baby's breath is white AND cheap! We did 20 tables with $25 worth of baby's breath bundles from the grocery florist. Then we got small vases at Michael's for $1.50, but could have gotten them at the dollar store just as easily. Tie a black ribbon around them (in advance) and you're done for less than $100! Took DH about 15 mins to set them up himself on the wedding day.

    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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    Sounds like you need to DYI this one. Get vases at thrift stores and paint them whatever color you want. Fill them with low cost flowers or other fillers you can find. Go out in the woods and get twigs or other items that catch your eye. And the gold fish idea?? I would be appalled if I went to a wedding with gold fish in a vase. Animal cruelty at its finest. They are living creatures!
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    Thanks everyone!!
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    wow, random. I've never seen someone come back to say thanks 6 months after the thread was started. 
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