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Photobooth Props...Real Props or Fake Cardboard?

What's more fun if you are doing a photobooth?  Real hats, glasses, accessories or the kind on the sticks?  I'm not sure what works the best.  Any input is greatly appreciated!   Of course I'm doing chalkboards that's my favorite part!

Re: Photobooth Props...Real Props or Fake Cardboard?

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     What about a mix of both? I think both are fun, & would give guests some interesting options. :) If I could choose only one, I'd probably go for real props, but I think the option of both would be great! 

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    Honestly, I think they are both good ideas. Although someone (Cant remember who) gave me some good input about props. While they are fun and goofy, I would have a chalkboard like you were saying as an option as well, and have guests write personal messages to you and the groom . The person said that when you look through your picture album, you will be seeing a lot of the same stuff again and again and that sometimes its all the same stuff that it loses it's personal touch. I only really half agree but it gave me something to think about. I don't know if I'm going to even have a photo booth, but If I do I might make it where they can write a sweet message on the board so we can scrapbook them. Not really sure about the props, but I figured it was just a though. :)
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    A mix of both! It's hard to hold more than 2 sticks in the right position, but it's not hard to wear a hat and hold a mustache on a stick. 

    Is there a Party City near you? You can get fairly inexpensive things there that you can use as props. If you have time, you could even wait until after Halloween, when costumes are all on sale and grab stuff then. 
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