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Hi all,

I'm getting married in Dallas in March, and have a question about sendoff/getaway car options. My venue is extremely close to the hotel where our guests will be staying-- and where we will have our wedding night suite. It's about a 2-3 minute drive or 10 min walk. I love when people have vintage getaway cars, but they seem really expensive, and have minimum booking hours, and we would literally need it for all of...like 10 minutes. But I still want to have a proper 'send off'. Does anyone have recommendations of getaway transportation options that don't cost an arm and a leg, particularly for a couple needing to get to a hotel just a few blocks away?


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    We used Bowtie Vintage Classics- but they were 300$. To us, it was worth the cost for the pictures- we loved the old Chevy and the fact that the driver dressed up in a bowtie and newsie cap. 

    As for something cheaper, have you looked into maybe a pedicab? That way, it is still something fun, but different. 

    You could always have just a private car service  (try Uber) for that short bit (I think for a few blocks it would only be their minimum of $15- but I don't think you can reserve too far in advance). 
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    We borrowed an older Corvette for our getaway from a friend.  Do you know anyone who owns something like that?



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    @professorscience Unfortunately I don't think we have any friends who are 'car people' like that....

    @aeliza06 Pedicab is actually a great idea!

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    You might also want to check with the hotel you are staying at and see if they have a house car or limo that they might reserve for you since you're coming there anyway.  You could also look into a horse-drawn carriage (although that might still be too pricey).
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    Great ideas! Thanks ladies.
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    We got a Lincoln Towncar, which was enough for us. But we had to pay for a minimum of 2 hours, and our trip probably took 30 minutes, so my mom had him come back to the venue and give a few more rides to people who were doing cleanup and teardown (and had been drinking heavily as well). It worked out great, and was worth it because it ended up being cheaper than getting a bunch of cabs for different people.
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