How much do favors really matter?


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  • MOSHIN said:

    This is totally different but my parents went to a wedding where I presume there weren't children, but they came home with lotto tickets like the $1 kind. Apparently, they were tucked into the toast/champagne glass at everyone's seat. They really liked it and remembered the MC saying "John and Jane (IDK whose wedding it was, my parents probably just know someone's parents) would like to thank you for coming and if anyone hits it big, they just ask you remember them." Thoughts anyone?

    I don't know about other people, but I'd think this was strange. I think the point of a favor is to give your guests something to thank them for coming - presumably something of value. At the end of the day, unless you win big, you are left with a piece of paper worth nothing.
  • My best friend did the best favor I've ever seen! Instead of place cards for the seating she chose a picture of her and that guest and used those small weighted picture clips. Not only did she not have to have place cards but also had a favor for all the guests and was a great way for everyone to relive that particular memory that was captured with the bride/groom and the guest! I'm definitely doing that at my wedding!
  • I used life savers and wrapped them with decorative paper and ties a ribbon in it with the date and names. It was not costly at all, we got life savers at Costco and did everything else ourselves. It was a huge hit people still say how great they were.
  • We've had our fair share of playing cards and candy too.  I LOVED the beach themed wedding that had milk and white chocolate seashells in a "bucket" of sand (brown sugar).  When I photographed weddings we'd often get the favors too. The only ones I use regularly are a set of really pretty glass coasters.  There were two for each guest (and vendor) and my business partner didn't want hers so I got a full set.  We are planning on doing hand painted wine glasses (my BFF/ MOH and I love to do do these) with custom wine markers that have their name and table on them.  Yes, we will wash them first to make sure if they use them they are clean (and you have to heat the oven really hot to bake on the paint so it would probably kill anything anyway).  And yes, I expect people will leave some of them... but that's ok, I love wine glasses and will keep the leftovers for our bar in the basement. :)  What I have learned from numerous banquets and other events is just be prepared to keep or do something with the extras. I didn't want a bunch of candy after the wedding... oh, and my mom is buying cupcake boxes as well so that guests can take a cupcake with them if they want... She really wanted those. LOL
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  • I'm getting engaged really soon. :)!!!   And I'm an International Wedding Photographer. I can tell you all about the $1,000 in wedding favors that guests left lying there when they left because either 1. they never saw them in the corner, 2. Didn't realize they were supposed to take them, 3.  didn't really want them.  Put your money else where.  It won't be missed.  The only favor I can think of that everyone really loved was images from the photo booth if you have one.  Those are a blast.  And no, I don't do that so this comes totally as a non self serving recommendation. :)
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    My fiance and I worked together before dating so we're giving something fun from where we worked. I've been to several weddings in the past few years. About half of them had candy bars with bags to fill to take home (which is fun but not when i'm watching my figure), one winter wedding did tree ornaments which was cool (I'm not friends with her anymore so it's kind of pointless), and i've also gotten the little baggies of almonds or candy. Make it something special and significant to your wedding and people will appreciate it.
  • @valharte I LOVE your idea of painting the wine glasses! I'd be surprised if a guest leaves one behind ;) If you don't mind me asking, could I see a picture of your work? I am fairly creative and my mom, MOH, and a bridesmaid are very artistic and could maybe help me with it. 

    I was thinking of a bottle opener as FI and I are beer lovers (I understand that not everyone is). Found cute ones online... no real wow factor to it but trying to stay in a budget. I love reading everyone's ideas. I do want my guests to leave with something small from FI and I. We appreciate them making the effort to be there (many are traveling) and want them to feel appreciated :)

  • @csuave How much did that cost you? My FI and I were really interested in small wine bottles as favors, but the prices added up quickly. Was it easy to make the wine yourself, and after purchasing bottles etc., did it cost much less than buying it outright?
  • @valharte I LOVE your idea of painting the wine glasses! I'd be surprised if a guest leaves one behind ;) If you don't mind me asking, could I see a picture of your work? I am fairly creative and my mom, MOH, and a bridesmaid are very artistic and could maybe help me with it. 

    TheFutureMrsAlmony  Sure, once we finish them. LOL.  We've done lots of them in the past though as gifts.  For the wedding we are sticking with polka dots and swirls since they are easy to do fast but we'll see... we have a habit of "overdoing".  I personally won't take a wine glass without a match, so we are doing some extras for the "non couples" and ok... so that I can lots leftover later.  I am kind of secretly hoping that some of the "all my glassware matches and I wouldn't take it" types leave me a few, but I know my friends and family and I know that they will probably be looking for the extras so I am not counting on it. :) 
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  • This is what my fiance and I are doing as well.  We love the idea so have the people we have talked to.  We were also just at a wedding where this was the case and we thought it was great as did the guests that I talked to.
  • Unless the favor is something thoughtful, I think it's a waste of money. I'm already paying for a nice dinner, drinks, etc, so I wouldn't worry so much about it. I was thinking of doing a packet of wildflower seeds as favors with our names and wedding date. Now that I read this thread though I am reconsidering even having favors.
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  • I plan on having individually wrapped soft pretzels with a sticker on the bag that says "Thanks for helping us tie the knot" with our name and date on it. It will be on a table by the exit so people can grab one as they leave. Wedding favor and late night snack in one! And who doesn't love a soft pretzel? Any leftovers we can give to family we see the next days. And eat them ourselves.

    I Love this idea with the pretzels.  Can I ask how you plan on doing this?  Are you going to buy them all pre-made or make them yourself?  Where are you getting them if you're buying them pre-made?  How do you plan on keeping them from getting stale?

    I'm totally drawing a blank on favors.  I personally don't like personalized favors that have the bride and groom's names and wedding date on them.  I don't like the idea of bringing home mini candle holders or stemless wine glasses with someone's name on them.  I'm perfectly able to remember where there they came from without having a name and date on them.  I don't mean to be rude but I feel like I would never use things like that.  I can't imagine serving wine in something that says "Andrew and Danielle, August 2013"  Ehhhh, that's just me.  Don't take offense.
  • After hemming and hawing over favours and then reading this...I am SO glad that I decided today (and sent the contract off minutes ago) to book a photo booth for our favours.  The one that I booked will give multiple reprints and will customize to say whatever we want.  That is one of the few things I actually like favour-wise and from reading this it seems I am not the only one.  I do have one question - what are jordan almonds??  One idea that my best friend (who won was on and won Four Weddings Canada) had that I really liked were these delicious shortbread-esque cookies that she had customized with their names and wedding date and then she had attached the guest's name and table number to them so that they a) know to grab them (despite me as the MOH misinterpreting her instructions and telling people NOT to take them) b) served double duty (no need for seating chart or place cards).
  • I feel favors to me is need. Some that your guest can have and some you can put your own touch to. My wedding is tropical. So I'm have different things around my theme. Everyone do what work for you. You can do the simplest thing and make it look like million dollars. Remember this is your day and have much fun.
  • @angiegirl2010 I don't really know how much the wine cost.  The wine was one of my IL's wedding contributions.  FIL makes it and has had years of practice and owns his own equipment.  We saved up empty bottles to defray his cost.  It might not be hard to learn but it could be an investment. 

    There might be a place where you can go and make wine with someone else's equipment and expertise.  Here in Pittsburgh we actually have a place called the Copper Kettle where you go one day to start beer and then a second day to finish it.  You design labels with them and buy bottles from them so it is really easy to do with no experience or desire to invest in starting the hobby at home.

  • As I'm having an ocean themed wedding I was planning on making a sea glass candy. I've always had the jordan almond, buttermint experience myself, except for once where they had these heart shaped stones.
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    jvatch said:
    We aren't doing favors. We will both make a donation to our charity of choice, and put something on the tables detailing that.
    This is not a favor to your guest. If anything, it comes off as being AWish.....as in, "hey, look at us.....look how fabulous we are.....we are donating money to a charity!".   The best donations are done privately, not as a public broadcast.
  • Most favors are forgotten and left behind. Alcohol does strange things, so if it isn't eaten after dinner, it's discarded. Even photo booth strips are lost in jackets, only to be found by the dry cleaner.

    If you must do a favor, my favorite is a rub-off lottery ticket. No one loses these and a $500 winner makes the party.

    Rather than a favor, spent a bit more of FEWER components. Don't spread your budget so thin. Choose quality for the most important things for YOUR special day.
  • That's a lovely idea! Where did you find a place to print for so little?
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  • We are having a small wedding, about 25 people. Originally we were planning to have small river stones etched with the guests' names on the front and our initials and wedding date on the back, set at the guest's seat. That way it serves a dual purpose of favor and place card! But then we decided to have a caricature artist... was able to find someone doing freelance work for a very reasonable price and this ended up being the same price as the stones! Still going to have the stones, only I will be "making" them by buying the stones from the dollar store and painting the guests' name on myself. Had to buy about a dozen bags in order to get enough stones of the correct shape and size, but overall a very cheap favor. Plus they will have their caricature (if they choose to get one) with our monogram on it (small and unobtrusive).
  • That sounds like a great idea to me! I love to cook, and love getting new recipe's!
  • I am going to make ornaments (I do some crafting and sell them at craft fairs), but personalized with our colors, and a tag with our names and date.
  • Hi, have you heard of the Oriental Trading Company? They have tons of personalized candy and mint options for $1 or less per favor. They have cute favor boxes for $3 per dozen; little bite size Hershey chocolate bars for $15 for 29 pieces; Hershey kisses with your names and the date on them for $12 for 54 pieces. Or depending on your colors, maybe upcoming holidays can give you the opportunity to buy m&m's of a particular color (valentines pink & white, Easter all kinds of pastels) and if you wait until the holiday is over I am sure you can pick them up for at least 50% off at any drug store. My fiancé and I are making handmade raw chocolate truffles and including the recipe and a hand written note from us thanking our guests explaining how we made them together as our expression of gratitude for their presence in our lives and for attending the wedding. This is a link to the recipe we will be using, except I use 11 dates instead of agave http://kimberlysnyder.net/blog/2009/02/11/raw-cacao-truffles-for-valentines-day-or-any-day/
    best of luck.
  • I just posted a lengthy reply but you should check it out. $6.50 per seems nuts! You can for sure bring the cost down to $1-$2 maybe even less
  • I don't think favors are mandatory but I think they can be used to add a nice touch. I'm from TX but we have ultimately decided to have our wedding where we live in VA so I am adding little "TX touches" to the event- no burlap, cowboy boots, or cowboy hats, but I'm planning on making pralines (though they're originally from Louisiana I know) and wrapping them in pretty cellophane (or something equally pretty) and putting them at each person's plate. They're a treat that I remember from my childhood because my dad LOVES them and I love to bake, but if people leave them behind I won't be heartbroken or freak out over the wasted money.
  • The favours I most remember, and liked best were charity donations - the couple had carefully chosen a number of charities, and tailored the charity to the guest; so people they knew from sailing got RNLI donations, people who had been to school/university with them got ones from a book and reading charity, and the ones they worked with (they're both in healthcare) got cancer research ones. It was lovely to ask others what they got; and stated conversations, as everyone wanted to know the connections. I'm thinking if doing something similar myself, but have to work out what to best give who!
  • I've been to a few weddings with candy bars. They usually do well! I have a photobooth so I am excited for everyone to try that out- plus me and my fiance have a picture of everyone from the wedding in a scrapbook afterwards. I'm thinking about making brownie pops or something edible too.
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  • We used bars of handmade soap as favors (specifically Simply Rustic Soap), and the feedback I had was great! I wanted something that our guests would actually use, and everyone needs a little soap in their lives! Personally I like the idea of favors that can be used and then are gone. Having guests take home a glass or trinket will be fun at first, but will likely result in your carefully planned favor getting passed along to good will. However something they can use and enjoy will be much more appreciated. And for us, I liked the practicality of soap!
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