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Wine Love Letter Box - Need a Vegas Twist!

We were at a wedding this weekend where during the ceremony the bridge and groom locked a wine box, in the box was a bottle of wine and love letters.  The idea is that on the 1 year anniversary they will open the box, drink the wine and reach each others love letters.  They will then get a new bottle of wine and write new love letters for the next year and so on.

I'm looking for ideas to put a Vegas twist on this!   We also don't want to totally copy their idea.  But I love the idea of a anniversary tradition and reading letters that remind you of that day.

My FI suggested using beer, but you usually need to age beer in the fridge. 
We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 

Re: Wine Love Letter Box - Need a Vegas Twist!

  • I am not sure of beer as I do not drink it but Fi loves wine. Maybe do a his and her favorite drink. I love run and Fi loves vodka.. Buy mini bottles and letters. See where the night leads on your anniversary the following years.

    I met a couple who put 20 dollars in each month and on their 10th anniversary counted it and went on a huge vacation to celebrate.

    Hope you find something you love  

    Getting Hitches 08/09/2014

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