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Rhode Island

Photographer didn't do her job?!

I was just married and I'm thinking my photographer didn't do her job for my wedding!! Well, I could be wrong so I would like some input from past brides or those familiar with the norms. Prior to my wedding day, my photographer never asked me or my fiancé about the photos that we wanted. She only asked about the location and timeline but didn't ask about specific photos we wanted or special photos we wanted to take with others on our wedding day. Also, on our wedding day, I was running late since hair and makeup ended up taking a VERY long time (longer than normal). The photographer did take photos at my house but didn't go out of her way to make sure I had a photo with my mom, bridesmaids, and MOH, at my house. She only got photos with my father and me, and of myself getting ready, and of the small details. I'm very disheartened that she did not take the initiative to make sure my mom and sister were in photos with me at my house. She did do family formats at the reception but not at my house. Would you be upset by this or do you think it's not something that is a norm? This was my families first wedding so I'm not sure what to think except that I feel very disheartened and depressed
about this!! Please give me your opinion too.

Re: Photographer didn't do her job?!

  • I think it's your job to communicate to your photographer (and other vendors) any specific things you need/want from them. Your vendors are not mind readers.
  • I would have to agree, unfortunately she can't be blamed for lack of communication about what you want/don't want.  Additionally, since you were running behind/late that could have jumbled things up a bit.  Why are they so important that they were at your house?  Didn't she get pictures after the ceremony of all of those?  If she didn't do that then that is something to be upset about.  Those are pretty standard pictures to get after the ceremony.  
  • Communication is key in working with any vendor. I would advise speaking with your photographer directly to discuss how you feel and see what they can do. Keep in mind, not all photographers are the same. Just because they are hired to "take pictures at your wedding" does not mean they all have the same workflow. For example, if you told your photographer you wanted "candids" and "no posed photos" that would translate to no photos group photos with mom during getting ready.

    Talk to your photographer.
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