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ALL of my vendors are booked!!!!

All of my vendors are booked!!!  WOOHOO!!!!

I still need to do some work on the invites, set up my hair/makeup trials and alterations but those don't require contracts.  :)

I hope you all are making progress!
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Re: ALL of my vendors are booked!!!!

  • WOO congrats!!! I had a dream (or I should say nightmare) last night that it was time to get married and NOTHING was ready!!! Good thing my nightmare will not come true, because we too have our vendors booked!

    I got my invites and have to "stuff" all of the envelopes. I am stressing about it big time. It's way more work than I anticipated, but my mother said she would help. GO MOM!
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  • Me too! just waiting on the invites to come in so I can start addressing them :) I got engaged July 13, 2013 and my wedding is January 18,2014.... got it all planned in less than 3 months and feeling good. 

    Hope you have a beautiful wedding!



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