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Yes RSVP turns to No

So in the last week I've had 8 people drop out of the yes column to the no column.  The one today is from FI's brother and his family.  It seems the oldest nephew has a cyst and has to have surgery so he is going to be in a boot.  So him and his mom are going to stay home.  Makes me really sad because I've been talking with FSIL a lot about the wedding and we have both expressed how excited we were.  I totally understand that health comes first and foremost, just makes me sad.

Anyone else seen this happen?
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Re: Yes RSVP turns to No

  • I haven't had that happen yet - but I'm thinking it may happen.  I have a few people who have responded no - but they would like me to keep spots open for them just in case.  My response was - we have to give the final number by the Friday before - so I'll follow-up with them then.
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  • We had 2 people tell us yesterday that they can no longer come, and another that said their husband is a 'maybe' now because they can't find a babysitter....honestly they've know the date for months now..... The wedding is in 2 days, and the seating chart display is not changeable, so I guess they'll just stay on it.
  • We've had a couple people go from "yes" to "no." Mostly it is due to one member of the couple having a work schedule change, or the couple breaking up (happened a lot, actually.)

    Fortunately, we have paid our final bill to our "final" count, but if people drop out up to the night before, we are able to tell the venue.  They will then credit us for the final number if it is less - again, as long as they know the night before. If the day of people don't show up, we then still have to pay for them.
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  • I had 6 go from Yes to No.  It was before I turned in final numbers, but it still hurt and kinda sucked. 
  • rustytammy Yes! And it is really bumming me out. I agree that health comes first and I will say that giving advanced notice is way better than just not showing up. But it is a real bummer. We were expecting around 100 guests and it looks like it will be closer to 80. I always said I wanted an intimate gathering, so I guess that's what I am getting. Keep you head up! That is a rough thing for the nephew to go through and I am sure he sad about missing the wedding too.


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  • I've had three Yes to No's, all for work reasons.  The spouses of all three are still coming, however, which makes it a little less disapointing.  All three have been wonderful in letting us know how sorry they are they can't be there. 
  • Yes, and it's frustrating. But, I take it for what it's worth and keep it moving. Things happen...especially if the person is coming from out of town.
  • We have also had this happen. 3 of those are within the bridal party. Not the BM or GM themselves but their spouses and many have to do with childcare. I mean, we have been engaged for 16 months, and you haven't been able to arrange childcare in those 16 months? I guess since I dont have kids, I don't understand. Oh well! We invited aboput 110 folks and have about 50 coming. Most people have to travel, so we knew it would be a small number, but yes the last minute NOS when you thought they would be there does suck.
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  • Yes, I have those too but now I'm finding people that never RSVP'd talking like they ARE coming after all??!?!? What the heck. . . I think there will be more people that just "show-up" even though I was perfectly clear that I needed to know by a certain date. . . . . 1 week from today is our wedding and i am going out of my mind!
  • I've had that..I also had yes just not show at all..
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