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Bridal party walking down the isle

So do the girls walk down the isle by themselves or do they walk with the groomsman, and doesn't the Groom walk down the isle first? I have no idea whats going on! HELP!!!

Re: Bridal party walking down the isle

  • Don't over think this.  There are a variety of ways this can be done.  My husband and his guys entered and walked along the side aisle of the church then my girls proceeded down the aisle and then, of course, me.  Others, just the FI and the minister go tot he front and the guys escort the girls. 

  • I think traditionally, the groom and GMs enter first, followed by the BMs. You can do it however you want though. 
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    You can do it however you want.  The groom and groomsmen can be waiting for you up at the altar already.  Or, they can walk down first, then the bridesmaids, then you.  Another option is for the groomsmen to accompany each of the bridesmaids and then you come in.  
  • Aisle not isle.

    We did:

    Groom and mother

    Bridal party couples

    Bride and parents


    The end.

  • It's whatever you want. There are lots of ways to do it. We ended up doing:

    Groom and his parents
    WP in pairs
    Me and my parents

    We thought about having the groom just standing up front, but he wanted to walk with both of his parents.

  • I agree, you can do it anyway you want! We decided to have FI at the alter with our officiant and then alternate groomsmen and bridesmaids coming in each by themselves and then the flower girl and ring bearer will come in together and then my dad and I.

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