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Looking for florist recommendations

Anyone have any good recommendations on florists who service the Santa Barbara area?  I'm planning a wedding there but live out-of-state so it's a little difficult to find a florist who can create what I've envisioned and within our budget.  We're having a foresty theme and I love hydrangeas, tree branches and moss.  May DIY the reception centerpieces and bouquets but need help with the ceremony, boutonnieres and corsages. Would love any recommendations!!!!

Re: Looking for florist recommendations

  • Exotic Green Gardens! Tiana is the best and she will give you a GREAT DEAL!
  • Try Commerce Flowers, they are amazing and work with your budget. 
  • There is a great flower and afternoon tea place in old town Pasadena. The place is called Tea Rose Garden. In addition, there is Panache Bridal for wedding gowns, Phenomena Photography for wedding photos, Castle Green for reception.  I highly recommend brides spend sometime in old town pasadena, you will find something different. Ice
  • I know this isn't in Santa Barbra but I wanted to say I disagree with icemocha 12

    I don't recommend Panachi of Pasadena. Their service was crappy, and this is coming from someone who is pretty easy going. I went to try on some dresses, I had an appointment, when I went in the lady was like go ahead and pick a few dresses despite me showing her a print out of dress styles I liked. When I was searching through the isles she came over after 5 minutes and asked if I found something yet. I said not yet I'm looking for  mermaid silhouettes, instead of helping me she returned to the desk. A few minutes later she came to hound me again. I'm sorry if she helped me out I could have found stuff faster.  Finally I managed to find 5 dresses... None of the dresses had price tags so I ended up picking some dresses that were way out of my budget. (One being $7000!!!) Then in the dressing room the lady treated me like i was too poor to afford any of the dresses and kept on trying to sell me on the floor models that mind you had these weird black spots. Every time I put on a dress and she was like "this ones is REALLY expensive but if you like the floor model i give you half off but i have to make sure no one else wants it." She never even bothered asking me what my budget was.

    Then there was this dress another bride tried on that I wanted to try it after she was done. She's like I have to make sure that bride doesn't want that dress.... so i waited for 15 minutes until she finally went to ask the other consultant if the bride wanted it. I had no interest in buying the floor model. I'm sorry I'm never setting foot into that store ever again and I don't recommend anyone does either.
    Oh don't let your bridesmaids use their seamstress either! I used them years ago, they cut the dress down the center of the back instead of taking it out at the seams! I don't even know why i bothered to go back I just figured after 5 years they might have changed.
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