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Need opinions on wedding venue, please!

Hi all,

My wedding is end of June 2014. We've decided on Paradise Point in San Diego as our venue. There are two lawns we can't decide between and I'd so, so appreciate your opinions/experiences with this.

Island Point Lawn: about $2,000 / beach view / bridge leading onto lawn / slightly more public, but nothing tacky
Pine Hill Lawn: about $1,000 / trees until the end of time  / no bridge

image: http://s6.postimg.org/5bdox9gwh/PP_lawns.jpg

Thoughts? Obviously saving $1,000 would be happy, but I really love the idea of the bridge.

Thank you!

Re: Need opinions on wedding venue, please!

  • When all is said and done you'll have 1-2 pictures on that bridge.  That's it.  Is that worth $1,000?  I don't think so.  Also, can you possibly still snap a couple pics on the bridge but use the other space?  That would be the perfect scenario, I'd think.

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    They're both nice, and there's a $1000 difference.  To be honest, I like the Pine Hill one because it is like you are surrounded by nature.
  • Pine Hill Lawn, no question. Two beautiful vistas, one much cheaper price. Done and Done!
  • I like Pine Hill Lawn too. Yes, there's something to be said to have a beach view if you are getting married at a coastal location, but I think the greenery is so pretty.
  • I would pick pine hill (it is just as pretty as the beach view) and tell my photographer I want a picture on the bridge at some point.

  • The beach view is reeeeeally pretty, but I like the effect of all the greenery. Plus it's $1000 cheaper. I like PPs suggestion of seeing if you can take some pictures on the bridge, with that gorgeous beach view.
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