I'm getting married in Vineland (between Grimsby and St. Catharines) and am looking for a french-style patisserie to make a croquembouche instead of a wedding cake. So far, all I can find are patisseries based out of Toronto, and I'm worried that the cost with delivery will drive the price sky-high -- or that an hour an a half on the QEW might be risky for the tower of cream puffs! Does anyone know of anywhere in Halton or Niagara that makes croquembouche?


Re: Croquembouche?

  • If they`re a reputable patisserie, there shouldn`t be a problem with delivery.  And sadly, I think Toronto may be the only place you can get them.  Could you perhaps have someone in your family, wedding party, etc. pick them up?

  • Or perhaps consider a macaron tower instead?  I know a great macaron patisserie in Brampton.
  • Part of me likes the idea of macarons, and the other part of me feels as though they're verging on becoming overdone. Maybe if they were displayed in a different way, I'd be more open to them? @Jewel224 what's the name of the macaron patisserie you know of?

  • I know a great patisserie but unfortunately its in Scarborough.  If you want more info though do let me know.  I know its far from where you're getting married but as pp's suggested maybe someone could bring it for you - or they might be able to deliver for a reasonable fee.    

    good luck!
  • Thanks @mstallae ! I'm going to get quotes from the downtown TO ones and see if they're reasonable prices since that's a little closer, but if things get crazy, I'll let you know! :)

  • @pumpkinandturkeys - the name of the one in Brampton is called MacaronZ.  Their website is:  Talk to them and they can probably create something original.
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