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Moving to WPB from Tampa, Have to Start Over

Hi there!  I just got a new job and will be moving to West Palm Beach from Tampa by the end of the year.  The problem is that I have my heart set on a wedding date of 2/22/14.  Its perfect for our out of town family who are not just attending but in the wedding.  Schools have a winter break so no one has to take their kids out of school to come and allows them to attach a vacation to the wedding.  That being said, I need to find places NOW!  I will be traveling back and forth until the move is permanent and can visit but if you guys can point me in the right direction?

I already have my dress (ballgown) but everything else can be changed.  I will have about 90 guest with 15 being kids.  We are foodie people whose guests like to drink so food and bar is where we planned most of our money to go to.  I'd like to keep the wedding around $10K but can go up to $15K.  I can have the ceremony either in a church or at the same place.  Totally flexible but just need places where the average cost is around $10 -15K to look at those and not waist my time looking at places where I know I will never afford.

Thanks guys in advance for your help!

Re: Moving to WPB from Tampa, Have to Start Over

  • Just thought of something. I'm moving to South Florida where cost of living is much higher (considering my rent will be twice my Tampa mortgage).   Can I even do a wedding in the $10-15K range or will I need to bump that up?

    Thanks again!
  • @p2rosebud:
    Hi!  I may be able to assist--I've lived all over Palm Beach county for over 15 years, and my wedding is in two weeks, so I've had a few experiences with interviewing venues, etc.  
    I do think you're going to wind up at closer to $15K, unless you're willing to risk a park/outdoor setting where you don't have to deal directly with a venue.  I personally found that many venues that were "just" a physical building (eg, community centers, etc) often only allowed certain vendors....who often were pricey enough to put them out of the running.

    I also think you may have difficulty finding availability with your preferred date.....I found that the cheaper venues book up early.  

    Here's a good place to start from:
    http://www.palmbeachfl.com/weddings/venues/   Breaks down venues by type.

    Some that may be within range:

    I've read lots of raves about the Spanish River Library in Boca as well:

    My own wedding is onboard the Majestic Princess, and with 70 guests, is running @ $8000, including upgrades, open bar, and includes the DJ, tables, chairs, linens, etc. However, it's defintely not for everyone.

    Feel free to ask me specific questions, etc.  

  • Hey! I have the same exact budget and found Delray Beach Golf club which ws perfect for FI and I . we have a package that is 56 per person which includes 2 entrees, butler passed hor duerves (spelling? lol) . this includes 4 hour open bar, wedding cake and champaigne toast. Beth is amazing and so helpful! I am using susan with Love the Blooms and she will work with your budget! there are some great photographers out there that are reasonable as well. Captured Beauty photography, Lauren Louise Photography.

    Good luck!  and welcome to the south end of florida! :)

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