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Keys Wedding

Hi Ladies,

So I am having a horrible time wedding planning! I just don't have much time and or patience. 
Has anyone ever attended or is having their wedding at a private home in the keys?? For about 50 people sometime in late spring next year hopefully. 
I am looking at renting a private home instead of doing it at hotel/restaurant.

Any suggestions or help would be amazing.

Re: Keys Wedding

  • Would love to hear some feedback on this also!!
  • Check out H20 Villas or Sea Ranch or Island Palms Estate.
  • I'm running into this same problem myself. 


    I will look at the places mentioned by kladino but does anyone else have ideas?

  • You can also look into Coconut Palm Inn. You get the entire hotel for $3,000 but there's a two night minimum stay requirement for all 18 rooms. The price is decent too for the rooms. it's on the bay side so there will be a sunset and it has a pool and bbq area. The only reason I backed out of the keys was the 11pm noise ordinance.... Good LUCK!
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