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Hey all -

Feeling overwhelmed...our wedding date is September 20, 2014.  Received a call on Tuesday letting me know that our perfect venue was cancelling ours + seven other weddings because of a vote from the Board of Directors not wanting to "do anymore weddings after January".

Anyone else gone through losing a venue and having to start from what feels like scratch in finding the perfect place?

Re: Overwhelmed

  • Hi there,

    We haven't faced this and I am not sure we will... but I can only imagine what your feeling.  I would offer you this, just take a step back, breath and think of the reasons you chose this venue to begin with... was it the location? views? price? layout?  Was there any other venues you were considering?  I would maybe reach out to them explained what happened and see what they can do for you!  Where are you located?
  • Yes, I spent most of the weekend not letting anything wedding-related get to me.  My mom is getting married on Saturday, so I put all of my time into that instead. :)  Getting my mind off of it for a few days definitely helped me see the bigger picture.

    There was a lot of things about it - it was $1,500 for a 12 hour Saturday time slot and was laid out beautifully, so the price + feel were definitely a steal and perfect find.  Kind of rustic for the hubby but still not too country for my style.  I've started looking again, but having trouble finding such a good deal - we will probably have to up our venue budget again to get the feel we want.

    We are in the Austin area - here is a couple of photos of the old venue:  It was also located in a retirement community with awesome people!! :-)

    We had another venue we were considering, but the owners were not too happy when we decided on the other place, so I think I will probably continue looking at other places instead of with them again.

    Thanks for your advice!

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