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Photographer lost all our engagement photos...

A friend/former coworker of my fiance's does photography on the side. He took our engagement pictures this summer before my fiance went back to school. Last month, we were trying to work out a time when my fiance was going to be in town and we could meet with him to get our pictures. His computer crashed right before that while he was finishing up editing them, but he thought our pictures were safe. But after trying every possible way to recover them, he told us last night that he just couldn't.

It's not the end of the world. We can redo pictures next month when fiance is in town, but we did them at the park where we love to hike on the most beautiful day this summer. The sky was blue, the sun was sparkling off the lake, everything was gloriously green...and the photographer kept telling us how beautiful the pictures were and how he couldn't wait for us to see them. And now I never get to. :(

Plus, now I have to hope for the leaves to stick around so everything isn't dead and bare, or try to come up with another place to do them, along with figuring out new outfits. I do not need things put back onto my to-do list right now!

(And that was about how my whole week went--a bunch of stinky things that weren't horrible or terrible, but really annoying and frustrating.)

Re: Photographer lost all our engagement photos...

  • @amakayeb I'm so sorry that happened :( Sending you internet hugs. This is probably not the case, but is there any chance he still has them on the memory card? He may have deleted them once they were on the computer, but I know I usually forget to delete my pictures off the card after uploading them, so maybe there's that possibility? And here's hoping the leaves last a little longer and you can make some more good memories of a photo shoot (and ask the photographer to back up the photos on a disc or something before he edits them.)


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  • Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry that happened. That is such a huge bummer. I hope the weather stays good for you guys for the redo.

  • Oh no! :( I hope you have excellent weather for the re-do pictures. 
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