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October 2013 Weddings

October 19th Brides!!!

We are Officially 2 weeks away from our big day!

How are you feeling? Are your nervous, stressed, or are your sitting pretty with all your planning?

I personally am a little stressed as we had our DJ service call to let us know our original DJ choice had personal issues arise and not be able to do our event but they had a back up ready to jump in. Im a little nervous since we haven't been working with with this DJ and we're TWO WEEKS away! 

other then that, im actually okay. We're finalizing everything and getting excited!

Re: October 19th Brides!!!

  • I am just so ready for the day to be done.  I have hit the wall where I just don't care anymore.  Kind of sucks. (Partially due to my bridal party not getting along and fighting over my bachelorette party and other things) There are still a ton of little things to do and slowly but surely I am checking things off.  I delegated a section of my list to my mom and her friend, that will help a lot.  Other than that, just trying to relax and not let it overtake me.  Only one more week of work then I have the week before the wedding off to cross my T's and dot my I's.   Can't wait to be a MRS.!
  • Sorry about the bridal party drama. Ive had a little of that with my two MoHs. We also had to find new flower girls about 2 mobths ago. Crazy.

    We also have little things. Our last big thing is our programs. Makibg sure they are worded and are not missing anythibg
  • I agree with the million little things that need to be done. I also agree that I am just ready for the wedding to be here. It has been stressful as far as chasing down RSVPs and writing soooooo many checks and spending so much money over the last two weeks. I am just crossing my fingers that the next two weeks go as smoothly as possible. Good luck ladies!
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  • It goes quickly. I am an October 12th bride, and it feels like we were just 2 weeks out. (Heck, it feels like we were just 6 months out.) Get as much done as you can now. You'll feel better!
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  • Single digits ladies.  :)

    Here we go!!
  • The day is soooo close! Cant believe it. Im excited but I get nervous when I think of the moment right before walking down the isle with my parents.
  • I'm in single digits today!!!!!! Can't wait. My parents will be here tomorrow. 
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    Praise be jeebus, it's almost over.

  • I have just ONE DIY left to do, and that's only because it's due to be delivered today (my cupcake tower).

    I have 3 crystals left to put on my veil, and then I'm sitting back and saying "FUCK IT!" to any other DIYs or projects for the rest of the week, and I gave my final headcount to the restaurant on Saturday.

    I just need to do a few confirmations with some vendors...and then I'm coasting at work for the rest of the week.  Taking our boys to pick up their tuxes on Thursday, and then Friday, running errands and other various 'crap', like my nails.
  • I have a few little things left. Tomorrow is my last day of work. And bachelorette is on Friday! Can't wait!
  • I'm just semi-dreading the trip to the bank to get cash for tips, etc.  That's a shitload of cash to be carrying around!!
  • I'm glad I've only got to pay out my guitarist in cash or cashier's check.  Everyone else is pulling theirs off the credit card, or is already paid in advance.  I just KNOW I'd forget to pay someone if everything wasn't done beforehand.

    Now, got to remind FI to pick up the money for the guitarist.  OY!!!
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