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I have been wracking my brain with trying to come up with a gift for my dad. I have never been a daddy's girl and we didn't have the best relationship growing up... He doesn't drink or smoke cigars, or do anything like that. He is very particular.... and the only thing I could think of, I wouldn't be able to get to him until pretty far after the wedding. So that wouldn't really work. The only good memories I have of just me and him are going to a father daughter dance for valentines day when I was in 2nd grade. I wanted to do the pic of us together from then, all dressed up and looking snazzie, and then him and I all dressed up on my wedding day. Have these two framed nicely... I don't know. Any other ideas?

Re: Gift for my Dad

  • I think the pictures would be nice.  Some other ideas are: cuff links, lighter or cigarette case if he smokes cigarettes, pocket watch, money clip, wallet, multi-tool kit, tie clip, valet, or grilling/barbecue set.
  • I think he would like a really nice grilling set. He cooks on his grill all the time.
  • I did that for my dad and he loved it. I used an etsy dealer and got a frame personalized with the words to the song we danced to and put a pic of us dancing at my cousins wedding when I was little, and a pic from us dancing at my wedding.  Since I could not give him this on the wedding day, I wrote him a nice note and put a little golf accessory along with it for the day.  I surprised him with the frame for his birthday 3 weeks after the wedding. 

  • A grilling cook book.
  • KD+AR said:
    I think he would like a really nice grilling set. He cooks on his grill all the time.
    For this, check Lowe's and Walmart. Yes, I said Walmart. We got FI's father an extremely nice grill kit at Walmart for Father's day this year. He loved it and used it to grill out during our father's day meal.
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