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Bridal Shower venue help

I'm a bridesmaid and we are looking for a place to have the bridal shower anywhere from Nutley area to Denville area. Preferably brunch but can be lunch too. The invite list is 70 so it needs to be a pretty big space! But affordable of course :)

Re: Bridal Shower venue help

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    Do you have a per person budget? Check out banquet halls like the Brownstone, Victor's Chateau, Mayfair Farms, or the Zeris Inn,  where they may be able to accommodate a larger sized party. 
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    Holiday Inn in Seacacus is very nice and have 3 different sizes rooms very accommodating. The Cellar it is below Six Brothers Diner. They are reasonable extremely nice and have everything you will need. My Cousin had her rehearsal dinner there the food is good and you have the room to yourself. One party at a time very  nice. We ending up booking my shower at the Cellar. We are having max 60 ppl and it was the most food for our money and I know the food will be good. Plus they will allow you to take home all the left overs.

    Mama Victoria in Nutley but I heard if you are having alcohol you must bring your own, problem for us so we didnt book there. If that is not a problem for you that could work! I know Ralphs in Nutley have a back room that prob would work for you also.

    Good Luck!! 
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    I go with a hall -- Elks, Moose, firehouse, knights of Columbus, American Legion.  You can usually bring in your own caterer & the booze is often cheaper plus you can do a punch etc. 
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