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Bachelorette Party in Dallas Area - HALP?

jrp0068jrp0068 member
edited October 2013 in Texas-Dallas and Ft. Worth
I'm looking for places to take 8 ladies in the Dallas Area on a Thursday night with one huge problem: 

One of the ladies is only 19. 

Which completely killed our plans for a night a Pete's Piano Bar in Addison. :(  Two of the girls are from out-of-country, so we are planning on making a stop at Cowboy's Red River in Dallas to shove them on the mechanical bull - but after that I don't want to be restricted to a country/western bar.  We will have a limo so driving won't be an issue- I just want to show my girls a really good time, but have no idea where I can get the young one in with us.
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