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Bathroom Baskets

Are you doing baskets in the bathrooms if so what are you putting in them

Re: Bathroom Baskets

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    We are not. At some point, I just had to stop doing things. I'm sure people will be able to get through the afternoon without them.

    If I were to do them, I would add:

    -Nail file
    -Clear nail polish
    -hair spray
    -Shout wipes
    -Spray deodorant
    -Safety pins
    -Bobby pins

    ETA more stuff
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  • We are. Here is some of what we put in:

    Lint rollers
    Spray deodorant
    Tampons and pads
    One time use toothbrush
    hair ties and bobby pins
    first aid kit
    contact solution
    tide to go pen

  • We did

    Lint rollers
    First Aid Kit
    Tide To Go Pen
    Throwaway Toothbrushes
    Nail Clippers, Facial Scissors, Nail File (in a little kit)(womens)
    Hair Spray(women)
    Bobby Pins/Hair Ties(womens)
    Safety pins
    Mini Perfume Samples(womens)
    Axe Spray(mens)
    Oil Blotting sheets(womens)

    I'm sure there's more that I'm missing.

    I feel like I got one of everything at the travel section! lol
  • This is actually something I really did go back and forth with - I decided to do them, but keep them very minimal.  Simple baskets, pretty presentation with nice hand towels.  I replaced the toilet paper with the highest quality toilet paper I could find (nuts, right, well, it's the little things).  But as far as the inclusions in the baskets:

    Individually wrapped mints
    Toothpick sticks
    Q-Tips w holders
    Feminine Products in a discretely decorative bag

    And next to the baskets:
    Nice liquid hand soap
    Nice hand sanitizer
    Nice hand lotion

    Not enough to stock anyone's bathroom, but just to add a few little extras.

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  • didnt do them. one less thing to worry about and most ppl carry something in their purses if they really need it. our bathrooms... well they are port-a-potties becasue they barn doesnt have bathroom, are flushable and have sinks with soap and everything in them. thats enough.
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  • I didn't. I did end up using some extra flowers and candles I had in there and it was a nice touch.
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  • We didn't do them. Turns out it was probably a good thing since there was a wedding going on in another room at the hotel and those guests were using the same bathroom therefore we would have been supplying things for 2 weddings. We also had some wedding crashers at our wedding :P
  • We will probably do it if we have time.  This was very helpful!  
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  • We aren't doing bathroom baskets for the same reason other girls have been mentioning.  1 less thing to worry about and most people carry what they need.
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  • My mom is doing it. There's a  neighborhood community center that is always accepting unopened hygiene stuff, so it won't go to waste if unused. My purses for events like weddings can be small and I hate asking my fiance to carry stuff in his pockets. I don't think they are necessary, but it is nice to do.
  • I did one but found it SO expensive.  I had a 25% off coupon to CVS and still spent over $100.  I used this to make my basket.  There will only be one in the girls room.  

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