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Cruise Wedding :)

Hi everyone.

My fiance and I really want to do weding on a cruise.   Does anyone know anybody who has done this before.  What cruise line is the best?, when is the best time to go?, photography,  pricng etc.?  Thank you! 

Re: Cruise Wedding :)

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    My grandmother got remarried on a cruise a few years ago.  The cruise was to the Caribbean, in early November.  Not many people went, including me, because of the cost of the cruise.  That is something you have to consider...not everyone has a few thousand dollars lying around...especially at this time, when people are losing jobs left and right.

    The idea sounds nice, but you have to think about the practicallity of it.
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    FWIW- a friend of mine went on a cruise with her family out of a port 5 hours drive from us, for about $300 per person, plus excursion expenses. If you were to do that and jsut have your ceremony somewhere on the boat at some point, i don't know if it would be that much more expensive. You could just integrate your reception with the free food at the nightly parties and have lots of strangers dancing with you too!
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    I used to work for a cruise port (not the actual cruise line, just the company that checked people in when they showed up and put their luggage on board). I saw a few people going for weddings on the ship, and I actually asked someone in charge one day, "Do the guests really take a cruise with the couple and watch them get married on an island?"

    The boss responded that the couples actually got married while the ship was still docked ... that way, anyone who didn't want to go on the actual cruise could still witness the ceremony and stay for a little while for photos, champagne, etc. Then they could debark and go home, and anyone who'd paid to take the cruise would just remain on board. Sometimes the newlyweds would be the only ones who remained on board and that'd double as their honeymoon.

    We worked with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises. I think it was the RC ships that did weddings, but maybe it could be both. It was several years ago so I don't remember, but I wanted to point out that guests don't necessarily HAVE to take the actual cruise in order to witness the ceremony.
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    PP is right...I've been on a bunch of cruises and have seen ceremonys take place, usually on the upmost deck of the ship.  Most cruises don't leave port til 4 or 5pm, and these weddings were around 12-1pm (embarking early is great, miss all the lines and get to enjoy another full day on the ship!).  They would usually have the ceremony followed by some light appetizers and drinks, then typically the bride and groom stay on the ship for the HM.  IMO it'd be weird for anyone else to come along for the actual cruise portion, I think that should be for the bride and groom only.

    I don't know anything about holding the ceremony at one of the ports, but would imagine that would be difficult to plan b/c of the short amount of time spent at each port of call.  I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that because it would all have to be set up before you got there and no one would be there to make sure it's what you want.
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    We are trying to do the same thing..but have no idea where to begin or what is best.. if you find anything out please let me know.. thank u!
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    I would check out the cruiselines' websites, and also call them to see if there's a wedding coordinator who can advise you.

    Or contact a travel agent.

    I would ask on the Destination Weddings board as well (use the board menu to the left).
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    Check out  Their forums have a specific place for people getting married on a cruise ship.  They will be tons of help!
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    ditto on the! I learned so much on that website! I got engaged on my cruise; book early- its called earlysaver.  Basically bc we booked ahead and watched the prices we ended up with $360 onboard credit to be used toward anything on ship- we even ended up getting $$ back.  You can get married on the ship, at a port or in the port you are leaving from before you get on the ship. 

    I did a little bit of research on it, but you'll get the best info on cruisecritic in the wedding section.  If you need any help with the normal cruise info- I'm loading with info for Carnvial. 

    ps I LOVED IT!
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     I looked into this when I started planning - Royal Carribean is the ONLY one that had a chapel on board - otherwise it has to be on the beach or a location wedding not on the ship  I think the most expensive part was the license  almost 400.  The ship has a wedding planner for you that does all the work. You just have to decide what you want and pay for it
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