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Hello, I thought I'd introduce myself before I jump in and comment. I'm planning a second wedding and this board was pretty helpful when I planned the first one. We're planning for November 2014, and our most likely venue is the Inn at Middletown. Happy planning, ladies!
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Re: New here (again)

  • Hi @CTYankeeBride.  woo hoo... Congrats on your second wedding. --- if you don't mind me asking what happened to the 1st wedding. :)
  • Hi CTYankeeBride. I'm planning a second wedding as well for May 2015. My first didn't go so well either, was with a controlling jealous jerk and it came out even more after we got married. We only lasted two and a half years. I thought this site was great and helped me out a lot too when I planned back in 2009 so I'm back again too.
  • I had a similar experience to shaggyscoot.  **long story alert** We met when we were 12, didn't start dating until we were 25.  We dated three years before we got married.  So . . . you think you know a person, and then you marry him.  Seriously, a switch flipped.  He became really jealous and really suspicious.  I suddenly wasn't really allowed to have friends or go out much (not even with his sisters!) and at first I thought "this is what newlyweds do- they spend all of their time together, how cute."  After a year and a half of this I realized that the real reason he needed to know my whereabouts all the time/ be a control freak was so that he could sneak his new girlfriend in and out of our home.  She was nice enough to post a picture of them together on Facebook and that was it for me.  After the fact, I found out from a previous girlfriend of his that he did the same thing to her (while he and I were friends- you would think that I would have noticed it then but wow is love blind sometimes).  As far as his behavior, I realize that the thief always says someone else is stealing. Now, he cheats on the girl he cheated on me with and she can deal with him.

    It's not a position I ever thought I'd be in, a second time bride, but the whole experience and meeting my FI and getting to this place have shown me that it is never too late for the happily ever after everyone deserves.

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  • Wow that's ridiculous CTYankeeBride.  I thought my situation was bed with the controlling jealous behavior: not wanting me to be in my sisters wedding or attend my own mothers wedding, wasn't allowed to ever go out with friends or go anywhere without him! But to have a girlfriend behind your back! Wow1 Well im sorry about that but congrats on your engagement and I hope all is going well with your new FI. How are the wedding plans coming along?
  • That's terrible! While getting divorced wasn't something I'd wish on anyone, it beats a lifetime of dealing with that behavior! Congrats to you on your engagement as well.

    So far we have a venue, a DJ, and we meet with a photographer in two weeks. I want the "big stuff" out of the way early. So far, it's all been pretty calm and easy. How are your plans coming?
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