Need a professional to do makeup at my location Madison, WI (not @ salon)

I am getting married in Madison, WI next summer and would like to hire a professional to do my makeup at the hotel where we are getting ready.  Does anyone have any recommendations - or people to stay away from?  Help!  Thanks!


Re: Need a professional to do makeup at my location Madison, WI (not @ salon)

  • Brideheads is the only place I know of who advertises that they come to you to do makeup, but I've heard mixed reviews. They have a pretty cool retro style, though, which I appreciate. A family friend recommended Tina Madsen, which is who I ended up working with. Her prices are pretty reasonable, and though I think she prefers to work from her salon, she's willing to come to you.
  • I am using Jen Bruder. See website: http://jenbruder.com/weddings/. She is out of Milwaukee but is coming to the hotel for me and by BM. It wouldnt hurt to see how much she would charge you?
  • Rock N Glam - http://www.rocknglamsalon.com/ (Madison)

    Shear Chaos - http://shearchaos.net (Oshkosh)

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    I went to Bridesheads for a trial.  I think they did an ok job.  I LOVED the hair, but I wasn't "wowed" by the make-up (which, in all fairness, I'm super duper particular about).  I think Bridesheads is very accommodating, and my trial run withstood a full night out of eating, drinking, and lots of dancing (it even withstood tears).  I would do a trial first and figure out exactly what you want--they're willing to take feedback and improve on what you didn't like. 
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