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photographer recommendations?

Hello Ladies!!!

So we met with a photographer last thursday and everything went great. i love her pictures and her prices are right on the money for us! lol

i emailed a few last minute questions before i write out the check to book her. she responds to me the following day (2 days after our meeting) letting me know that there is a possibility that she may be moving to boston next summer and if we book her and she moves, it would become a destination wedding and we would have to pay for her travel expenses. This ticked me off a bit, not because shes moving or the expense, but because she didnt tell me this at our meeting. needless to say, we will have to go with a different photographer. SIGH

Does anyone have any recommendations of budget friendly photographers? we'd like to stay about 1500 if possible. 

thanks for the help!!!

Re: photographer recommendations?

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