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Red Sky Cafe Review - Stay Away!

Just a warning for brides getting married on the Outer Banks.  Red Sky Café nearly ruined my daughter’s wedding day.  Wes Stepp (owner and head chef) definitely does an amazing job in showing prospective brides and grooms what he is capable of doing when you go in for a pre-wedding tasting.  Unfortunately, what we received at the wedding was a vastly different experience from what we were promised.  They were understaffed and the wait staff that they did bring seemed to have no idea what they were doing.   Red Sky is known for their beautiful presentation on mirrors and elaborate displays on their buffet table.  We had no mirrors, nothing on the table but plain metal chafing trays that looked like they could have come from a local all-you-can-eat buffet.  Many of our guests had to fill their own water glasses, and bus their own tables. We paid for a dessert table and the vast majority of our guests never even saw the dessert it was gone so quickly.  We had long lines at the bars and our guests were told that we were out of certain types of beer and white wine; a large quantity had never even been opened and iced by Red Sky, it came home with us the next day.    We were to have a Chef attended Shrimp and Grits station and a Top Round Carving Station, neither one was set up.  Both entrees were in metal chafing dishes on our very unremarkable buffet table.  Guests endured long lines at the buffet tables because the food was so slow in being replenished.  We did have a storm come and go right before the cocktail hour was due to begin, but weather issues are commonplace on the Outer Banks and all the caterers here are used to adapting. My concern is that Jen Richter, the manager actually bragged to me that one weekend in May of 2013 they had 5 separate events going on, feeding over 700 people!   Jen told me that ours was the only event for June 8th, and that was not true. Stay away from Red Sky Café; there are too many other good caterers on the Outer Banks who will make yours a spectacular reception, and charge a great deal less!<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
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