Don't use Paper Capers

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about using Paper Capers for your wedding decorating. I wouldn't recommend Monica to anyone. She seemed nice at first, but as soon as we paid her (she won't decorate until you pay) she seemed like a different person. She showed up 45 minutes late to help decorate and didn't start helping us until an hour after that when I had to go search for her and ask her to come help us, while she was chatting in the back. She was very rude, not only to me, but to my entire family and wedding party that were there helping us. She didn't bring everything she needed. She had to bring the rest of the linen napkins the morning of the wedding and she brought black instead of the purple we were using, and didn't let us know about it. She was also very unprofessional, complaining about her personal life while she was there. None of us were happy with her. I would go with somebody else.

Re: Don't use Paper Capers

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