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Thank you gift help!

Hello ladies! My fiancé is hindu and I am catholic. Therefore, we are having two ceremonies... Which means two dresses, two sets of jewelery, etc. My fiancés cousin and his wife went to India last month and offered to shop for my lehenga (dress for hindu wedding) and jewelry there for me. I just received it this weekend and it is absolutely perfect! Getting it in India saved me a TON of money and it is certainly more beautiful than anything I could have found here!

Now... How do I thank them?? I would like to send them a thank you gift for all their help in picking out and bringing home my wedding dress and jewelry. Any thoughts on what would be an appropriate gift?


Re: Thank you gift help!

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    Do they live close by?  I would personally take them out to a nice dinner.  But I love to eat so there is that :)

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    Do you know how traditional, old-school his family is? 

    Gift-giving in India can be very different than over here. Honestly, we (by we, I mean my dad) write a check every time we get a gift from an aunt or cousin because it's expected. 
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    A nice card or thank you note and maybe a bottle of wine, box of nice chocolates, movie theater gift card, or something for whatever they are into.
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