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I am having my reception at a "resort", but very simple.  The inside of the reception hall is all exposed wood.  It's very pretty by itself.  I am also trying to keep my cost down.  I am having my reception start at 1:30 and will be a BBQ style lunch.  We are having chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers, bratwurst, and ribs.  I want my colors to be ivory, pale green, and lavender.  I want everything to tie together but keep everything affordable.

I was also thinking of doing a centerpiece with succulents that double as the favor.  Along with the succulents do a lantern, and a mason jar with babies breath in it.  What does everyone think?

Any other suggestions to help me with my vision?  Any and all advice is appreciated.  I am meeting with the caterer on 11/1 to talk pricing and food, so I am not set on BBQ but it seemed like the most affordable for us, and my FI favorite food is BBQ.

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    What time of year/season will your wedding be?  Sometimes that affects what you decide to use as centerpieces.  Are you wanting something DIY as centerpieces?  Do you want floral suggestions or suggestions that don't involve flowers/heavy floral? 

    Succulents can have a really nice color to them and I've seen some done on Etsy that looked very nice.  The colors in succulents usually are similar to what your colors do you want to make sure that the centerpieces match your colors?  Or have a different/brighter color/shade for centerpieces that sort of stand out?  The succulents would be a more "muted" color centerpiece compared to other options, so it just depends what you are going for.

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    We are getting married June 21,2014 so it will be hot if not warm.  I am fine with doing DIY, my mom and daughter love doing things like that. 

    I am a very simple girl, and I would like to keep the decorations very clean, and simple without being boring.  I am struggling with how to decorate, because I have a vision but do not know how to make it work.  I have seen succulents on etsy that are small that can be arranged around the centerpiece (my tables are round if that helps), and come in varying shades of purples, reds, and greens.  It does look like I can order specific ones too if I want, and they are not expensive. 

    As far as flowers, I would love to do flowers, but do not know what I could afford with real flowers.  We are meeting a florist when we go to Ohio in a couple of weeks.

    We live three hours away from where we are getting married, so it makes planning a bit difficult at times.

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    Perhaps then just using the succulents - the small ones like you said, arranged around a central candle/holder of some kind...lantern, hurricane lamp, etc.  Maybe three or four small succulents on each table. Flowers are something I'm probably going to try to do without to save some $, so I have been looking at non-floral ideas a lot lately.  :)  I also prefer clean and simple!
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    If you want to do flowers or just babys breath like you stated you need to checkout samsclub online and you can order in bulk it just depends on how much of a  DIY'er you are. I am the ultimate DIY'er not becasue Im cheap but why throw away money to someone else also  I am a type A on steriods lol

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    In regards to the food, will there be any vegetarian options?  What about people with allergies, can they read/find out what is in the BBQ sauce or request theirs without any sauce?
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    There are not any vegetarians on my guest list, and I have already thought ahead for allergies.  I am a school nurse, and it seems my lives revolve around food allergies.  There are no tree nuts, etc. in any of my menu options.  I did not however consider getting sauce on the side.  Thank you for the suggestion.  We are meeting with the caterer the beginning of November to go over pricing options, and to finalize menus.  I love being able to pay everything in cash because it lets me know my limit, and no debt will come from the wedding, but I will be happy when no extra checks are coming out of our check book

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