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Stupid Last Little "To Do"s...

I'm glad I'm getting them scratched off the list, but I'm getting SICK of whittling down a To Do list, just to have more things get dumped on.

The last of my "Big Ticket" wants are hammered out; we booked 1 night at a little B&B in San Antonio for post-wedding.  I'm waiting on a contract so I can drop a deposit on a classical guitarist for the ceremony.  And those are the 'big things'.

Tonight we've got to:
Order our sons their watches for the "Family Commitment Ceremony"
I need to order SOMETHING for my BM/MOH (maybe I'll just do gift cards for massages, because I don't want to give them stuff they don't need)
Order my cupcake/cake stand so I can decorate it (cut it close much?  Why yes, yes I am)

Then it's just piddly little stuff after that.  Thank GOODNESS.  Because I'm close to losing my damn mind.

Re: Stupid Last Little "To Do"s...

  • So I know how you are feeling, and I know it's hard, but try to relax. Lots of crap went wrong on my day, but only I noticed. So if you are going to stress about it, and it isn't huge, forget it. No one will care.
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  • I feel better now that the musician is booked.  And I just ordered the cupcake stand.  I think, much beyond confirming things now, and decorating the cupcake stand when it gets in, it's just tying up the loose ends (picking up tuxes, getting the final steaming on my gown and confirming "Day of" things).

    Some of it is just my regular "life stuff" is taking a backseat ride, and I'm unhappy about it.  Bleh.
  • Cheers and a hug, solidarity in trying not to lose your mind during these last days in October planning!  There seems no end to the 'loose ends' and tiny things that can be added to the To-Do List!

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  • Sorry hun. I have a few tings left to do as well and I just want them to be over and the wedding to be here. It will all be worth it. :o)
  • I hear you! The last couple weeks was the worst for me, the most stressful by far and I was SO sick of planning, I just wanted the day to be here!

    Just remember that it's all worth it in the end! The day will go exactly how it's supposed to - if there a couple little things you forgot or that didn't go quite as planned I guarantee nobody but you will even notice!

  • I'm pretty much down to the timeline for the week of....trying to get my mom to explain which aunt/uncle is coming in on which day is like pulling teeth. 
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