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job for 13 year old boy

I am trying to come up with a job that my FI 13 year old nephew could do for the wedding. We feel like he may be to old to be a ring bearer but to young to be a groomsmen/usher. Any suggestions?

Re: job for 13 year old boy

  • he will actually be 14 at time of wedding


  • He's old enough to be a groomsman or usher. Really, all a groomsman needs to do is walk down the aisle. Ushers just direct people to their seats. Remember it's also an honor to be a guest. Good luck!
    Agreed.  The only thing an usher needs to know is his left from right side, and the ability to repeat the phrase, "Are you a friend of the bride or the groom."
  • Agreed that groomsman is appropriate, assuming he even wants a "job".
  • Assuming that he even wants to participate, he can do so as a groomsman, usher, or reader.
  • Do you have to include him in your wedding?  And nobody wants a "job" unless you plan on paying an hourly wage.

    He can be a groomsman or an usher.  Anything else you try to think of will just be pointless and meaningless to him.

  • i included my 12 year old nephew as a groomsman.  I think he enjoyed being included.

  • 14 isn't too young to be a GM or usher if you want him to be either or both of those.  

    Alternatively he could be a reader or a guest.
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  • My 13-year-old cousin was going to be an usher. That's not too young at all. 
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