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Need help finding a venue in RI or MA!!

So I have been engaged for five months and I feel like I should have my venue picked out already. We are planning our wedding for August 2014. The guest list should be about 150 people and our budget is around $12,000 total. I was hoping to spend about $5,000ish for food and venue. I've looked at some places(this does not include places I've researched online) :

Twelve Acres: not bad, price is right, room looks a little dingy and small dance floor-like but not love. it would due

The Pines: Super cheap and you can tell, the room was gross and tiny! the only nice thing was the woods outside

Pawtucket Country Club: very nice looking, price was a little high but manageable, however the banquet manager was out on leave and they never told us. so when we showed up no one had any idea what was going on and no one ever called us after to reschedule. if they can't manage a meeting how could they do a wedding??

Bella's: was going to go with this place because it was very nice looking and I heard the food was amazing even though I thought it was a tad small and the dance floor was barely there untill my memere told me to look at this place...

Lake Pearl Luciano's: OMG IN LOVE!!!! if I wanted to sell a kidney. it was seriously breath taking. however it would have had me come $6000 over budget. and since the fiance wants to buy a house next year its a no go :(

So I was hoping someone would know of a place comparable but reasonable. every time I think of where the ceremony and/or reception should be I think of Lake Pearl. I think I'm losing sleep over this lol

Re: Need help finding a venue in RI or MA!!

  • Quidnesette Country Club is very reasonable and beautiful. Ask for Lorraine. She's my consultant and just a doll...$7300 min for a Saturday night in the smaller ballroom (fits 200 ppl) There is no site fee and the food is very well priced!
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    Look into Cranston CC or Wannamoisett CC. Both of their rooms have been remodeled and food prices are inexpensive.

  • Wannamoissett is great... the staff is unbelivable. Crystal Lake is very nice with the ceremony by the lake. Quidnesette Country club is simply outstanding and I do agree ask for Lorraine shes the best.
  • Thank you guys! We ended up upping our budget for venue. with the amount of guests we have finding a place for $5000 was not happening lol We ended up going with Pawtucket country club and the Director is working with us directly because of what happend. He is very nice.
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