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WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies!!

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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • I'll give a WTF to my body. I've been SO tired lately that I've fallen asleep on the couch every night this week and have been getting ZERO things done around the house. I need to get back in gear so things don't get out of control!!
  • WTF to so-called-friends

    Am the only one who had a rude awakening of who your real friends are during engagement/wedding?Just realized the girl who I thought was a best friend and was supposed to be my maid of honor isn't a real friend. Guess I shouldn't  be too surprised considering when I got engaged she never said congratulations, never asked how the wedding went when we got back. forgot my birthday, and refuses to call me back. I guess it's time for me to take the hint....

    End vent

    WTF weather.... I know's it fall now, but I'm not into this weather. I really miss summer!
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  • WTF money!!! I need more of it and need to not be stressed about the wedding! 
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  • WTF FGMIL. She called Matt this weekend begging to add people to the guest list. First of all, we are limited by space (and we are maxed out); secondly, even if we weren't there would be tons of people we would add before adding these people! She proceeded to further insult him (us) by saying she would give us $$ so we could add these people and then said that it wasn't fair because they were disappointed b/c they really wanted to visit The Biltmore.


    Which we pretty much thought was the true motive anyway given that we haven't received the first call/text/note of congratulations from these individuals and we have been engaged since the new year. But yeah, not happening!

    Thankful for FMIL and FFIL who are so supportive and will continue to handle this on our behalf.
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