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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

wedding nightmares!

so almost every night I have been having these terrible wedding dreams like it's the day of my wedding 5 minutes before the ceremony is supposed to start and I havn't even showered or done my hair and make up yet, or I forgot to have a rehearsal dinner, last night it was that my FI was standing at the alter with just his boxers and suit jacket on lol but seriously though this is happening no joke every night lately ... I think I'm going INSANE or just over stressing during the day about stuff and it carries over to my sleep haha but have any of you had similar things happen leading up to your wedding? If so I would love to hear some funny ones! hopefully I'm not totally losing it :)

Re: wedding nightmares!

  • I have nightmares about it too. Not nightly, but usually on the days where I do a lot of planning or stressing about it. The one I usually have is when I am brushing my teeth the morning of, all of my teeth start to get loose, then they all start falling out into the sink :/ Another one I have is I forget my dress the day of the ceremony and have to get married in my robe!
  • I had a dream that I forgot to buy/make a bouquet and so on the way to my wedding (in my dream) I had to pull the car over on the side of the road and pull some weeds and dead grass, etc. together to make the world's saddest and ugliest bouquet! 

    It was maybe a good wake up call of a dream, since I was a little too casual/laid-back and DIY about some things (like, "it will come together eventually, I can worry about that later") and so this dream was a message that I should get my sh!t together and worry about some things in advance so that this dead grass bouquet scenario wouldn't happen.  :)
  • haha funny stuff ladies! keep 'em coming :)
  • I had one where my FI and I went down to FL where his family is from and where we are getting married.  When we got there we found out we had to go in person to invite this one cousin we had forgotten for some reason; so we headed out to a seriously Rob-Zombie-Horror-Flick location and ran into all kinds of madness, with disturbing crazy people.  My FI had to fight one of the guys with weapons before they believed he was his cousin, and then they invited us inside the house - which I was terrified to go into, it was the scariest place I'd ever seen and falling down to boot - and inside the entire family was lounging around naked. They were mean and crude and kept telling us we should stay the night and get to know them better, all the while acting like lunatics, and all I was worried about was whether or not I might accidentally offend them. 

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