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White Table Linens Wanted to Buy or Rent

Need the following for purchase or rent white and royal blue or any variation thereof:

* 100 universal or round top chair covers (any fabric, but prefer satin)
* 18 banquet rectangular tablecloths (size: 90x152 or 90x136)
* 125 napkins any fabric
* 18 royal blue table runners
* may need round as well.

Have a $250 budget.  Cheaper than that price to rent.

Re: White Table Linens Wanted to Buy or Rent

  • Wow!! May I ask where you live and where you are renting from? That list would run upwards of $1,000 to rent where I live... which I'm struggling with now!
  • I am trying to buy them used.  There are a lot of ads here for table cloths, but I need royal  blue and white.  You should also check  They have a lot of stuff for sale cheap there as well.  good luck.
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