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Filing our own license?

We have an officiant for our wedding and after discussin some minor details, we are going into actual details when the date gets close, she informed me that while she will officiate the ceremony and sign the papers that need signed, we will be responsible for filing them ourselves.
Has anyone else dealt with this situation? I've never heard of this, but it is my first time wedding planning so I'm not sure what's "normal" and what's not. Thank you!

Re: Filing our own license?

  • Our pastor took care of sending in our license, but I'm reasonably sure all that needs to be done is to take the signed documents to the Clerk of Court for your county. Call the local courthouse and ask.
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    We mailed our own license in.  Our officiant was our friend and since we forgot to sign the license at the wedding we had him stop by and sign it once we got back from the HM.  All we had to do was stuff the one of the 5 carbon copies into a business envelope, write the address down and slap on a stamp.  Easy peasy.  (Oh this was in MD but I would check with your local county/court to see what needs to be done where you are getting married)

  • You have to check with the county clerk for the county where your wedding is taking place, but all we had to do was mail in the license (we got married in PA). We actually mailed it from our honeymoon in Hawaii.
  • I believe in our county you can mail it in to file it, but you can also take it in person which is what we plan to do, because then we will have a filed copy to take to the social security office and DMV to get my name changed. I think it's pretty typical to have to file it yourself.
  • We got married on a Saturday, stopped by the officiant's office on Monday to pick up the paperwork and dropped it in the mail.  
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