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Our ceremony and reception locations are about 35 minutes apart. We have some elderly family members and friends who will most likely only attend the ceremony. Do you think the wording below is ok for our RSVP card options?

Will Attend

Will Attend Ceremony Only

Regretfully Decline

This will give us an accurate picture of who's actually coming to the reception so we can 1) have a correct seating chart and 2) not pay $$ to our caterer for people that won't be eating.  

Re: RSVP Wording

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     Hmm, I guess you could do this, but I've definitely never seen it. I would just do the, 'will attend', & the 'regretfully decline.' I think most people would know that they are r.s.v.p'ing to the whole night. Do you have meal options they will need to choose from? Like to check off 'beef or chicken.' That will eliminate the wondering. They're not going to check off a dinner option if they're not going to be attending the dinner. Our r.s.v.p's stated, 'Please Join Us For a Night of Dinner & Dancing!' Then the 'will attend', & the 'regretfully decline' portion. We only had 1 dinner option, therefor didn't have dinner options for guests to choose from, yet it made it clear to what they were r.s.v.p'ing to. I do get wanting to know an exact #, but it's hard sometimes! We had 97 people confirmed to our wedding, (that we paid for), and our guest number was 91. Sometimes things happen, or circumstances arise, that you just can't control. 

     Good luck to you!

  • Thanks! We're having stations, so they don't have to select a dinner option on the RSVP. If we don't include some sort of distinction, then there will be people who RSVP "attending" but go home after the ceremony (just because they are elderly and don't wan to drive far at night, not because they don't love us!) Hmm, maybe I should figure out exactly how many people we think might do this, and then just ask them personally.
  •  No problem! Ya, there's always the option of asking these guests personally. Do you worry though, that they may find it rude, that you'd assume they're not coming, when they've r.s.v.p'd that they would be? That would be my concern. I'd be very careful with how I'd word this type of conversation. I'd really advise against it, regardless though. I think any adult, (seniors included), who have been to weddings, know that the r.s.v.p card is to r.s.v.p to the entire event. 
  • Im having the same issue...what if people are coming but just to reception because a lot of people do that around here I guess. I dont understand how to divide it out I guess for rsvps either. I could see the younger people coming just to the reception for the party area of the wedding? I need help to. But I kinda do like JMalettas idea. 
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