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Help? Searching for Tailor/Seamstress for Fittings.

Please, can anyone recommend a good seamstress for wedding dress fittings in the North Brooklyn/LIC/Manhattan area?  

I haven't had too much time to plan and prepare for my wedding which is coming up quickly (Nov. 29th, 2013).  Luckily, I found a wedding dress that I like and ordered it through a place in Manhattan called RK Bridal.  They refused to take me on for fittings and alterations because my wedding date is too soon.  They wouldn't recommend anyone either.  My dress is supposed to be ready for pick up Monday, Oct. 14, 2013.  I have been asking around and haven't found a good recommendation for a seamstress.  Through the website, Yelp I tracked down a place in Long Island City, called The Cotton Bride. It has some positive reviews.  I called today to make an appointment, but they estimated the cost of the fittings and alterations would cost about $600!  I already spent more than I budgeted on the dress itself, and was hoping to spend less than $600 on my fittings.  If that's what the going rate it, then I guess I just have to bite the bullet and put it on plastic.  But I don't want to spend that much more money at a place that I'm not certain is reliable and does quality work.
If anyone has a recommendation, please please please let me know!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and all help and advice is appreciated!

Re: Help? Searching for Tailor/Seamstress for Fittings.

  • Thanks Terrylovesroy.
    I will consider going to Roma.  My only problem with going up there is that because of an accident I am not able to walk, so I have to take cabs everywhere, and going between Brooklyn and Manhattan back and forth has been pretty expensive so far.  I was hoping to find something in Brooklyn so that the car service cost would be less taxing on my wallet.
    But I appreciate your advice and recommendation.  If I can't find something closer I will give it a shot at Roma.
    I'm glad to hear you found them in the nick of time and that they saved your dress.  I bought a dress for a wedding (as a guest) last year at Bloomingdales and needed to have it altered in the bust.  I used the Bloomingdales tailors and they totally ruined the dress!  I had no time to do anything else about it, so I just wore the dress with it's awkward tailoring.  I was very disappointed though, so I would also avoid getting alterations done at Bloomingdales too.  It's disappointing.  You would think that the department stores in Manhattan would have high standards for tailoring, but like you said, "lesson learned."
    Thanks for your reply and advice.
    Good luck to you with your wedding plans!

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