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Confession Thursdays

Re: Confession Thursdays

  • I confess that I am tired of all the political drama and crap and crap.  Living with my grandpa means it is on like 24 hours a day.  
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  • I confess that I am going crazy without my makeup bag. I don't even wear makeup that much. But I lost my makeup bag filled with MAC products about a week ago and I feel lost without it even though I only wear foundation and powder. 

    I'm looking forward to spending the money I need to replace all those cosmetics.
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  • I confess that I'm really not focused at work right now. I'm getting everything done but my head feels like it's in a million places at once.
  • @mmm4763 me too it's so hard to concentrate on work when theres so much to think about with wedding stuff!! 
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