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The fine tune up.

Anyone out there just starting to improve fitness? I need to. I want to look my best at my wedding and plan to keep it up to stay healthy. 
I don't like to work out and love to eat. Any home exercise plans are welcome. I only need to shed about 10 pounds and tone up. Oh and my water intake needs to increase. (Not a fan of water either.) 
Any one else joining me?

Re: The fine tune up.

  • we used to do a daily thread on what we did exercise wise, but i'm not sure why it stopped. 
    I wouldn't mind joining you!
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  • Yep I'm with you-- about ten pounds to lose, want to tone up my arms to look great in my dress.  I'm pretty far out from my actual wedding though, about a year and half (5/30/15).  I've been doing Physique 57 DVDs and going to their studio when I can afford it, plus some spinning and Pilates at the gym.  I've been using a pedometer (Fitbit) to track my activity, which is a great way to encourage myself to walk around more without actually breaking out a fitness DVD and everything.  I was tracking my food on Myfitnesspal, but I sort of fell off the wagon with that.

    I've been trying to cook healthy recipes.  Cooking Light is really good for that, and I have the Physique 57 book which includes some yummy stuff.  The Flat Belly Diet cookbook is also good, as all the recipes are under 400 calories.  I'm terrible at sticking to one particular program though!
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  • Yay! Others who want to look good. 
    I planned on starting today but, took advantage of sleeping in. Mistake number one....Allowing oneself to be lazy. 
    I did try increasing my water intake. I don;t like water so a half glass is better than none. 
    I still have some time left to do some sort of exercise. Maybe some yoga to get me started. 

    I am a new vegan, but tonight I am cooking up some humanly raised chicken that we had in the freezer. Siding that with some brussel sprouts and carrots. 

    I hope you ladies did better than I did.
  • Hey sounds fun we can kinda support each other my wedding is in june i started my journey about three weeks ago and have lost 9 pounds i never thought that i could lose that much weight i am a perpetual sweet devourer and over eater that loves to work out and have been doing so for years without changing my diet so maybe i can get some support nutrition wise and i can help on the fitness end  total body workout 7 total body and fitness you tube try it and tell me what you think and if you like to dance you can try some zumba working out should always include things you love to do good luck 
  • Zumba is awesome along with any Jillian Michaels video.  Cutting out small things can make a huge difference as well.  If you drink a lot of soda or other not-so-good-for-you drinks, cut them out and replace them with water.  That will make a very large impact!  One thing that really helps me when I am wanting to be lazy that day is to look at running motivation or workout motivation on pinterest. That stuff really gets me inspired! 

    As for wanting to eat better, I have recently been looking into "eating clean".  It has helped me get in better shape and gives me energy.  
  • Piloxing is awesome for toning lean muscles! 
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