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Favorite Friday!

Here is our weekly post where we talk about our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week!

WR--We picked out/bought Matt's suit and he looked so handsome :) I actually almost started crying right there in the store! Also, we got our first wedding gift this week--his parents bought all of our flatware and hostess set. I am floored by their generosity and did not really expect to receive that unless people went in on a group gift.

NWR--I don't put a lot of stock in the number on a scale, but I have lost 20 pounds since June! I have always been extremely active and exercise a LOT but have been hanging onto that extra weight for quite some time despite efforts at tweaking my diet. It's amazing what working with a nutritionist will do and honestly I eat more now than I did before! I am technically only 2 pounds away from my original goal weight but may take it just a little bit lower. I feel so GOOD right now and confident and bonus, my running pace has also gotten quite a bit faster.

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